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Original title: 2021 NBA All-Star game live broadcast and list of starting substitutes

On March 5th, Beijing time, the NBA All-Stars approached. The captains of the two All-Stars also completed the selection team today. James preferred Antetokounmpo, Durant preferred Irving, and James then chose Curry. People join forces for the first time! The James team starts: James, Antetokounmpo, Curry, Doncic, Jokic. Durant team starting: Irving, Embiid, Leonard, Bill, Jason Tatum.

Live broadcast of the 2021NBA All-Star Game: www.nowqiu.com (coming sports)

The following is the list of candidates for the 2021 All-Star Game LeBron and Durant (in order of selection)——

LeBron coach: Quinn Snyder (Jazz)

LeBron's starting lineup: James (captain), Giannis Antetokounmpo (bucks), Stephen Curry (Warriors), Luka Doncic (Lone Ranger), Nikola- Jokic (Nuggets).

LeBron's bench lineup: Damian Lillard (Blazers), Ben Simmons (76ers), Chris Paul (Suns), Jaylen Brown (Celtics), Paul -George (Clippers), Domantas Sabonis (Pacers), Rudy Gobert (Jazz).

Durant coach: Doug Rivers (76ers)

Durant team starting lineup: Kyrie Irving (Nets), Joel Embiid (76ers), Kawhi Leonard (Clippers), Bradley Beal (Wizards) ), Jason Tatum (Celtic). Note: Durant will miss the All-Star Game due to injury, Adu preferred Irving to replace, and Harden preferred as a substitute.

Durant's bench lineup: James Harden (Nets), Devin Booker (Suns), Zion Williamson (Pelicans), Zach LaVine (Bulls), Julius -Randall (Knicks), Nikola Vucevic (Magic), Donovan Mitchell (Jazz).

2021NBA All-Star Captain Selection Rules and Review

The rule for the All-Star selection is to choose the player with the most votes in the East and West as the captain, Durant in the East, James in the West, and James as the total vote king. In the starting player selection, James first, Duran The special order is selected one by one.

The players who entered the All-Star starter in the previous vote form the starting pick pool. Durant was unable to participate in the All-Star due to injury, Tatum replaced Adu into the starting lineup, the selection is still conducted by Durant, Adu in the eighth and ninth consecutive selection of two people.

James chose Antetokounmpo in the first overall pick, and the old Zhan alphabet connected. Durant picked the Nets teammate Irving in second place. James got Curry in third place, and the three major MVPs, old James, came together. Durant picked Embiid in fourth and began to supplement the inside. James chose Doncic in fifth place, and LeBron added another all-around fighter.

Durant won Leonard in sixth place, and the 2020 All-Star MVP is both offensive and defensive. James chose Jokic in seventh place, and the LeBron team strengthened at the same time in terms of height and technical comprehensiveness. In the eighth and ninth place, Adu choseBill and Tatum, Durant team has excellent scoring ability.

Substitute: Lillard Paul to help the old Zhan Nets giants gather

Enter the bench selection stage, in the order of Durant first and James second.

The list of substitute candidates is: Harden, Randall, Jaylen Brown, LaVine, Ben Simmons, Vucevic, Sabonis Jr., Paul, Paul George, Lillard, Mitch Er, Gobert, Zion Williamson, Booker (replacing the injured Anthony Davis).

Durant preferred Harden, so that the Big Three of the Nets gathered in Durant. James chose Lillard in the second place. The current All-Star game system may have a chance to kill. Lee guides the watch and is always worth looking forward to. Durant won Booker in third place, James chose Ben Simmons in fourth place, Booker and Simmons will face off in the All-Star Game.

Durant introduced Zion in fifth place, and the "Fat Tiger"'s powerful inside lethality added another weapon to Durant's offense. James took off Paul in sixth place, and LeBron's organizational ability has exploded.

In seventh place, Durant selected LaVine. LaVine no longer participates in the dunk contest. Now we can look forward to his flight in the All-Star Game. James chose Jaylen Brown in the eighth place, and the LeBron team improved their athletic talent. Durant's choice in ninth place is Randall, who has been strengthened in the all-around interior.

James got Paul George in tenth place, another flank attacker and defender. In 11th and 12th place, Durant and James chose Vucevic and Sabonis Jr., respectively, and contributed to the interior. Durant picked Mitchell in 13th place, and Mitchell's Jazz teammate Gobert entered the LeBron team in 14th place.

2021 All-Star live broadcast and schedule:

The 2021 All-Star Game will be held at Atlanta State Farm Arena at 9 am on March 8th, Beijing time.

Due to the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, this All-Star event was compressed to one day. Before the All-Star game, there will be a skill challenge and a three-pointer contest, and a dunk contest will be held during the intermission.

This All-Star Game will follow the 2020 game mode to pay tribute to the late star Kobe Bryant. The fourth quarter is an untimely decisive battle, and the team that reaches the target score first wins.

The target score is the cumulative score of the leading team in the first three quarters +24 (Kobe jersey number). For example, if the two teams have a cumulative score of 100-95 in the first three quarters, the target score is 124 (100+24), leading one side ( The team with 100 points) only needs to score 24 points in the fourth quarter to reach the goal, while the lagging team (the 95-point team) needs to get 29 points to reach the goal.

The LeBron and Durant teams will represent the Thurgood Marshall University Foundation and the United Black College Foundation respectively. The race will donate a total of $1.75 million. The two foundations each received US$500,000 before the start of the competition, for a total of US$1 million. The first three quarters of the main game started with 0-0. The team with a high score in each quarter will receive a charity prize of $150,000. The three quarters of the game totaled $450,000.

Another 300,000 charity bonus will be generated in the fourth quarter. The team that first reaches the target score wins and receives 300,000 charity bonus. The All-Star Skills Tournament, Three-Point Shooting Tournament and Dunk Tournament also set up a charity bonus mechanism. Through this All-Star-related event, the NBA will donate more than 3 million U.S. dollars to traditional black universities and epidemic prevention in the United States.

Aspect 1: What kind of sparks can James and Curry make?

James finally teamed up with Curry. The two played against each other in the Finals many times as opponents. It was the first time as teammates, but in the All-Stars. It is well known that Curry likes to dunk at the All Ming Games. With James' passing skills, it is estimated that Curry's wish will be well realized.

Highlight 2: The Three Nets Brothers

Durant was unable to play in the All-Star Game due to injuries, but this time Durant put two good brothersThe younger brother Irving and Harden both picked their own teams. In the Nets games, Harden and Irving can be seen many times in the subtle cooperation, but due to the intensity of the game, the success rate is not high. In the All-Star Game, the defensive intensity will not be too strong, what kind of visual experience Harden and Irving can give us, we can look forward to it.

Aspect 3: Can the All-Star Game contribute to a dunk feast

This year's Durant team has three strong dunkers, Zion, LaVine, and Mitchell, as well as two passing masters, Paul and Harden. When it comes to this, everyone will understand.

Zion became famous when he was young, his best physical fitness, the best dunk was liked by many friends, this year Zion also refused the invitation of the All-Star Dunk Contest, which is somewhat regrettable, but to be honest, this year's all obvious contest It's somewhat starry.

Highlight 4: Team LeBron vs. Durant: All-around Fighter vs. Scoring Machine

LeBron and Durant’s lineups have distinct characteristics. Among the top nine players in the triple-double this season, seven have been selected to the All-Stars, and six of these seven players are on the LeBron team. They are Jokic, Doncic, Antetokounmpo, Ben Simmons, Sabonis Jr. and Old Jan himself, the only one in the Durant team among the seven is Harden.

"I just want to choose players who can help each other in the game." James said.

Judging from the paper lineup, Durant’s scoring ability is very strong. Bill and Embiid are ranked first and second in scoring this season. LaVine and Irving are also in the top ten in scoring. Harden After joining the Nets, he focused on organizing offenses, but the offensive power of the three consecutive scoring champions is still there, and the trigger can be pulled at any time. Zion averaged 19.3 points per game in the penalty area this season, leading the league. Durant has a luxurious configuration regardless of whether it is singled out or rushed to the inside.

ESPN compared the data of LeBron and Durant players this season. Without calculating Durant's data (Adu missed the All-Star due to injury), LeBron had rebounds, assists, and blocks. , Steals, field goal percentage, number of dunks and efficiency value. Durant team leads in scoring and three-point shooting, but the problem is that even if they compete for three-pointers, the strength of LeBron's team should not be underestimated. Once Curry and Lillard entered the rhythm, the three-point firepower was like a downpour.

Starting in 2018, the league has adopted the captain selection model to play the All-Star team. LeBron has won for three consecutive years. James really has a vision for team formation.

"We are just going to play in the right way," James said. "This is an All-Star game, so there will be some entertainment scenes, but the theme of the game is still the right way to win."

The Jazz currently has the first record in the league, but in this selection, the Jazz’s two players, Mitchell and Gobert, were not selected until the last two. The host and NBA star Barkley believes this situation is for The Jazz is disrespectful. Barkley also questioned James' choice: "LeBron said he needed height, and then he could choose a higher Gobert, but he took off Sabonis Jr."

James explained this. "We don't disrespect the Jazz. Everyone needs to understand. It's like playing video games when we were young. We never chose the Jazz. Even though the Jazz had great Malone and Stockton back then, we would not choose them." James Say.


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