2021 Australian Super League rules adopt a combination of regular season and playoffs

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The opening game of the 2020-21 Australian Super League will officially kick off today, with Western United vs. Adelaide United at home. There are a total of 22 rounds of the Australian Super League this season, and all participating teams will compete for the final championship. I believe you need to know about the rules of the 2020-21 Australian Super League.

As the best domestic league in Australia, the Aussie League rules are slightly unique and the team’s strength is balanced and fast-paced , The competition is fierce and enjoyable, and there is no upgrade or promotion. Instead, the regular season and the playoffs are used to compete, and the intercontinental club competitions that can be participated in are the AFC Champions League and the World Club Cup.

Australian Super League rules:

The pre-season pre-season game is also known as the League Challenge Cup. Every year before the league, clubs are given an opportunity to train their teams. Usually, the League Challenge Cup uses stadiums outside the city, and the Australian Football Association hopes to attract more people's attention to football matches.

The regular season and the regular season of the playoffs are round-robin points. Each team has 27 games in total. (Three rounds of competition), the 6 best ranked teams advance to the playoffs after the regular season, the playoff champion is the league championship (Champion), the regular season champion is the winning team (Premier), the championship is more honorable than the regular season The championship is higher, and both the regular season champion and the league champion are eligible to participate in the next year's Asian Champions League. Each team can recruit 20 players, and each team must recruit two young players (under the age of 20). In addition, the Australian Football Association prohibits the total salary of a team higher than AUD 3 million, but one outstanding player (marquee The salary of player) may not be included in the total salary.

Australian Super League rules

How to determine the Australian top ranking:

Australia A is composed of 11 teams in total. The regular season adopts a three-round tournament system, and each team plays three times in a single season;

(1) Each team wins 3 games. Points, one point for a tie, no points for a loss;

(2) At the end of the league, the team with more points will be ranked first. If there is a tie, the ranking will be arranged in the following order:

1. The one with more goal difference, the top ranking

2. The one with the most goals, the top ranking

3. Comparing the relationship between wins and losses

4. Teams with more goal difference in each other's games, ranked first

5. Teams with more goals in each other's games, ranked first

6. Teams with fewer red cards ranked first

7. The teams with fewer yellow cards are ranked top

8. Throw a coin

The top six teams in the regular season qualify for the playoffs:

1. All games in the playoffs adopt the "sudden death method" golden ball winning rule;

2. The one or two in the regular season are in the first round of the playoffs Bye, and have the home court advantage in the semifinals, the first round of the playoffs will be third vs sixth, fourth vs fifth;

3. In the second round, the regular season champion will face the first round The winning team with a lower ranking in the regular season; the runner-up against the team with a higher ranking in the first round;

4. The semi-final winner enters the finals, and the regular season ranking is owned by the former Home court advantage, draws in regular time, enters overtime and even penalty shootout to determine the championship.

AFC qualification

1. Regular season champions and finals First to qualify for the AFC Champions League next season.

2. As the Aussie League is a cross-season league, the team participating in the AFC season is decided in the most recent full season. For example, the team participating in the AFC Champions League in the 2019 season is First place in the regular season and championship of the 17/18 season.

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