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3. Lawrence Frank was named NBA Manager of the Year

On October 9, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced that the Clippers Operations President Lawrence Frank was elected the best manager of the year. Good manager. This is the first time Frank has won the award in his career. Thunder general manager Sam Presti and Heat team president of basketball operations Pat Riley ranked second and third.

Frank's biggest contribution in the 2019 offseason was the signing of Kawhi Leonard and the deal with the Thunder for Paul George. Getting these two All-Stars made the Clippers once regarded as the favorite to win the championship.

After the restart of the NBA, the Clippers led the Nuggets 3-1 in the Western Conference semifinals, but they were eventually overturned by the Nuggets. On September 28, local time, coach Doug Rivers resigned. Now, Frank is looking for a new coach.

4. Douyin becomes a sponsor of London E-sports team Tundra

TikTok, the international version of Douyin, has signed a contract to become a new sponsor of Tundra, a London e-sports organization. At present, this one-year-old e-sports team is preparing for the new FIFA season. According to the agreement, TikTok will appear on Tundra's new jersey. Tundra also signed a new strategic partnership and official apparel supplier agreement with the Italian sports brand Kappa.

5. Nike launches Boeing 787 aircraft: tailored specifically for athletes

Recently, Nike and design company TEAGUE have launched a Boeing 787 aircraft tailored specifically for athletes. This aircraft is called the "special aircraft for athletes" and includes areas for recovery, fitness, and sleep, as well as conference rooms for analyzing post-match data. The cabin is also equipped with sanitary ware for monitoring physiological indicators to ensure that athletes (especially basketball players) Maintain the best condition during the game.

The Boeing 787 aircraft is designed based on the "visiting disadvantage" report put forward by many athletes, and has been investigated by many athletes, coaches and operators.

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