New season team rankings: No. 1 without suspense, Warriors Lakers fall out of the top five _ Nets

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3. Phoenix Suns

Last season, the Suns passed all the way to the finals. Some people may say that the element of luck is higher. But it is undeniable that the 36-year-old Paul is still the league's first guard.

Booker and Ayton, who have been baptized in the finals, will also usher in a transformation. I believe the Suns will bring us more surprises next season.

4. Miami Heat

During the offseason, the Heat brought in champion guard Lowry for 85 million in 3 years, and PJ Tucker, a defensive titans in 2 years, for 15 million. Comparison of strengths There was a qualitative improvement last season.

In the new season, Lowry, Butler and Adebayor will form a low-profile version of the Big Three. Perhaps the upper limit is not as good as the Nets Big Three, but their defense is a powerful force that cannot be ignored.

5. Utah Jazz

During the offseason, the Jazz did not have any major changes, but The introduction of Rudy Gay has increased the strength of the striker. But as the main lineups of Gobert and Mitchell continue to grow, I believe that the iron-blooded Jazz will still be the most competitive team in the West.

6. Los Angeles Lakers

The only thing that puzzles me on this list is that the Lakers actually fell out of the top five. After a big change during the offseason, the Lakers introduced the historical triple-double king Westbrook to form the Big Three.

Although James is approaching the end of his career, he is still among the top ten players in the league in his current state. Davis has just entered the peak period, plus a group of experienced role players, I believe that as long as they stay away from injuries, the Lakers are definitely the first team in the Western Conference.

7. Golden State Warriors

The biggest change for the Warriors in the new season is the arrival of Thompson Come back, according to the recent training videos of Thompson, the state is maintained pretty well.

Compared with the peak Warriors, the personnel changes are not particularly large. Although Livingston and Durant have irreplaceable roles, as long as one of the Warriors’ rookies can play instant combat power and healthy The Splash Brothers can still lead the Warriors into the top five of this list.

8. Philadelphia 76ers

Simmons’ farce has continued throughout the offseason, even though His departure will definitely bring high-quality chips to the 76ers. Their net win last season ranked fifth in the league, and I believe they will not fall out of the top three in the East in the new season.

9. The Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers renewed Leonard early during the offseason, but Leonard basically has to wait until the end of the regular season to return. The Clippers have entered the playoffs with their current lineup. They are still a strong contender in the Western Conference after Leonard returns.

10. Atlanta Hawks

In the offseason, the Hawks renewed John Collins, and they also selected high-quality rookies in the draft, Jalen Johnson and Sherif Cooper The performance has exceeded expectations, and their performance in the summer league is very good.

In addition to the team from last season, the Hawks will bring us more surprises in the new season.

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