The Lakers officials announced a major decision to allow Leonard and George to witness James wearing the championship ring.

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On December 22, Beijing time, today the Lakers officially announced a major decision. Tomorrow and the Clippers' NBA preseason, the Lakers will arrange for the last season's championship ring to be held before the game starts. Issuance ceremony.

The Lakers officially posted a picture today, indicating that the total will be issued before the game tomorrow. The championship ring is expected to be held 30 to 45 minutes before the start of the game. This means that tomorrow, James, Davis and others will receive it in front of Leonard and Paul George. This is true. It's a bit of murder and condemnation.

Although according to NBA practice, the championship team will receive the first game after the start of the new season Ring, but this time the Lakers didn’t mean to avoid the Clippers at all, so they did it in front of the Clippers. Such a move still caused a lot of controversy. Certainly the Clippers’ people will be brooding about it, after all. The relationship between the two teams is so tense, and because of the transfer event of Leonard last year and the transfer event of Harrell this year, it has become more tense.

Now The Lakers officially announced such a major move. There is no doubt that a knife was inserted in the heart of the Clippers, the open wound, and a handful of salt were sprinkled, and the Lakers' official Twitter also stated mischievously, Come on Tuesday. Many Lakers fans have further ridiculed and ridiculed the Clippers on social media. Lakers fans said that they really envy the Clippers now, and envy the Clippers for being the first batch of live witnesses. The person who received the championship ring.

However, there have been many championship-level teams in the NBA. After receiving the money, the first game I lost, and there have been moments of shame, so tomorrow's game must not be taken lightly. On the contrary, the Clippers should have played again this season in a mourning attitude, and after they changed their head coach and introduced superstars like Ibaka, the strength of the Clippers in the new season is not lower than last season. The Lakers must not be taken lightly.


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