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[Scenery and embarrassment on the downhill road]

Gravesen, who left Real Madrid, is actually not lacking in his home. Between the Premier League powerhouse Newcastle and the Soviet Union giants Celtics, Gravesen chose the latter.

This is a seemingly wise decision, except that Su Chao’s more traditional English style of play is more suitable for Gravesen In addition, the Celtics’ only Glasgow Rangers in the Soviet Super League suffered a severe loss of combat effectiveness due to internal friction issues, which gave Gravesson a chance to touch the championship trophy for the first time in his career.

Sure enough, in the first 15 rounds of the Soviet Union, the Celtics won 13 of them. Gravesson not only opened the record for the team in the first "Scottish National Derby", Open the door to victory for the team.

Then he completed the first and only one of his career in the 14th round against St Mirren. The hat trick is one of the most glamorous moments of his career.

(Gravesen’s only hat-trick in his career)

This season, the Celtics won the domestic double crown, and Gravesen also won the career only The second two championship trophies, which seems to make his decision to join the Celtics more correct.

However, is it really so perfect?

That season the Celtics and Manchester United were in the same group and staged two wonderful duels.

People remember more of the two wonderful free kicks of the Soviet Super League MVP and the Scottish footballer Shunsuke Nakamura, but it is also hard to forget the two Gravesen who are the midfielders. Degree made a fatal mistake.

He didn't handle the ball quickly enough. After Scholes touched the ball, Gravesson failed to fight again, causing Scholes to send out an equalizer assist; then his pass was passed directly. Scholes' feet led to Manchester United's counterattack again, and "Suo San" scored the winning goal.

(Two mistakes against Manchester United )

After the game, Celtics coach Strachan bluntly said that the passing error caused big trouble. Although he did not name him, everyone knew who he was targeting. And this has become the epitome of the contradiction between the two.

In the history of football, few players have gained the upper hand in challenging the authority of coaches. Well, I know what you want to say, but that is just an example. As a result of the struggle between Gravesen and Strachan, Gravesen was loaned to Everton after only one season with the Celtics.

Back to where he reached the top, Gravesen even wore the No. 10 jersey that symbolizes the core, but this It is no longer possible to conceal the fact that his state has declined. In the competition with a large number of midfielders, Gravesson fell behind, naturally unable to gain the trust of Moyes.

This season, Gravesen has only 8 league appearances and missed a goal. Fans’ memories of this former midfielder’s thigh are probably only two old friends who reunited him and Casley. A set of "combined punches" played at the time. Coupled with the team's other bald Andrew Johnson, the picture can't be more beautiful.

After the end of the season, Moyes decided not to provide new contracts for his old men, and Strachan did not intend to stay This stinger, a few months after being terminated by the Celtics, has never been able to find a new owner.Gravesen had no choice but to announce his retirement.

But no one thought that such a sad farewell would be the real beginning of Gravesen's wonderful life.

[The "luxury" turn around]

Among the players I have written, almost all the famous "bad boys", and the results are all Not so good. Micoli and the Mafia colluded and eventually fell into prison. Although Patton became the head coach, the reconciliation with the world did not last long, and he faced charges for attacking his opponent's coach.

Sadly retiring and entangled with porn stars have caused Gravesen to be controversial at the beginning of his retirement, but in the later story, the "glorious turn" alone is not enough to describe him. change.

We may have a solid understanding of Gravesen because of the reputation of "Mad Dog", but no one thought of him. Business acumen and luck. He spent the income of his career in the field of investment. By 2013, it was reported that his assets had reached 82.6 million pounds or more, which was more than the net worth of many star players at the time.

Since then, Gravesen and his model girlfriend Camilla Pells moved to Las Vegas, not only with many celebrities in various industries, but also with custom sports cars and luxury houses all day long. He often spends a lot of money in the casino. It is rumored that he lost tens of millions of pounds a night, but this still does not damage his luxurious life.

In this regard, we may "but watch the crabs coldly and see you rampage for a few years", but ask ourselves, this kind of life attitude of not being mad, not letting go, is nothing but Gravesen Stadium people A reasonable extension of the design. Let me ask who doesn't want to have an ideal life of freedom, but most of us lose to life in the arena of life, the difference is just a miserable defeat or a penalty shoot-out.

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