Basketball trend on the 20th: Real Madrid may face challenges, Valencia is hard to win

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Three games of SMG basketball will be on sale today, namely Real Madrid vs Burgos, Gran Canaria vs Andorra BC, and Zaragoza vs Valencia.

Real MadridvsBurgos

Real Madrid上场大胜加纳利,Established at the start21In the case of pointsReal Madrid was frantically chased by opponents in the second and third quarters. In the fourth quarter, the gap was opened again and finally won. Yule and Carroll each scored 19 points in the starters, but only four of the team scored in double figures, and the other two were respectively. Randolph and LaProvitola on the bench, Argentine defender Campazzo scored only 4 points off the bench, and Rudy Fernandez scored 7 points. However, Real Madrid has many core points. The team can appropriately change the offensive weights according to the players' on-the-field status. The offensive end is not a big problem, and the defensive end is more stable. It is worth mentioning that Real Madrid scored 15 three-pointers and made more than 50% of their field goals.

Burgos came on the field to beat the regular season big black horse Zaragoza, the team scored in double figures and finally defeated the opponent. Five players on the bench and three in double figures, the efficiency is still very high. Among them, the defender Barcelona also contributed 7 assists and performed comprehensively. However, Burgos, who had only 10 players in rotation, faced a brutal continuous battle, and the team's physical fitness was still It needs further consideration, but no player on the team played more than 30 minutes in the last game. It can be seen that the team's system is still very team-based, and no one is irreplaceable.

Handicap12.5Minute,Real Madrid让Minute和上场一致,Burgos的常规赛战绩和上场对手加纳利也相差不大,但状态上BurgosObviously it is better, and although Burgos does not have many players in rotation, everyone has enough time to show themselves. From the perspective of Real Madrid, it still depends on the personal strength of the stars, and the state needs to be improved. In addition, Real Madrid's next game on the schedule is later than Burgos, so the schedule is favorable to Real Madrid. The theme is easy to increase the popularity of Real Madrid, but Real Madrid has a big ups and downs, and the state is not very good. This game is recommended to handicap the main victory. Real Madrid is expected to win. But it's hard to win.

Gran CanariavsAndorraBC

Gran Canaria上场打得不错但是还是输给了Real Madrid, In addition to the opening pit is too big, the key ball in the fourth quarter also lacks a decisive figure. Only two of the team scored in double figures. Substitute Costillo scored 9 of 15 and scored 23 points, which was the highest in the game. However, the second scorer Schulner had only 10 points and only 7 of 21 three-pointers, compared with Real Madrid's. The gap between 15 of 29 is too big. However, the highlight is that all 11 players on the team played more than 10 minutes and all scored. The firepower points were scattered, and there was a certain increase in the upper limit. The core player Bolossis only scored 6 points, and he needs to play his role in this game.

Andorra BC lost to the host Valencia. The team was stalemate with the opponent in the first three quarters, but in the fourth quarter they lost like a mountain and eventually lost the handicap. Although the whole team scored 10 points and 11 points in double figures, the team did not have strong scoring points. What was even worse was the outside touch of the team. The team made 31 three-pointers and hit 9 goals, which was extremely inefficient. In addition, the team only got 10 free throws, which shows that the team relies heavily on jump shots and lacks aggressiveness in offense.

The styles of the two teams are very different in this game. Canary has the inside core Borosis. Andorra is more long-range shot and there are not many confrontations. Canary actually played well against Real Madrid on the scene. There is a gap, and Andorra collapsed at the last moment, so the difference in strength between the two teams is not too big. The regular season record Andorra is better than Canary, but Canary doubles Andorra in the regular season. The position in this field is still given to Canary. 2.5 points, this game continues to see Canary win, handicap the main loss, Canary three kills Andorra this season.


Zaragoza上场输给Burgos,Whole teamFour players were in double figures and three others were close to double figures and still lost. The problem on the defensive end was still more serious. As the dark horse of the regular season, Zaragoza still got some attention in the playoffs. In addition, there are Serbian national Radovic and Argentine national Brusino, their personal ability is not bad, and the US foreign aid Ennis also has good skills. The strength of the team, but the three players only scored 35 points on the field. The state is average. The team needs more support from star players.

It is also quite difficult for Valencia to win Andorra. As the only team that enjoys host treatment in this game, although the game won thrillingly, the process of the game still needs to be considered. Especially the starting lineup only had 1 player in double figures, and the 5 players only scored 32 points. The bench broke out and won the game. Among them, Abald scored 17 points, Van Rossum scored 10 points and Tobey scored 15 points and 13 rebounds. . However, the bright spot is that the overall efficiency of the team is good. There are 9 people on the team shooting more than 50%. The offense is still very efficient.

本场看Valencia状态自然更好又有东道主优势,This field surrendered again8.5Minute,但Zaragoza的常规赛战绩要比The opponent Andorra is good, and the strength positioning should be lower for Valencia, but such a handicap obviously raises the position of the home team, strengthens the state and home advantage, the regular season Valencia won 18 points at home, and last season Valencia has a huge advantage over the opponent's 12-game winning streak. There is still a lot of attention to the victory in this game. However, combining the strengths of the two teams may not have such a big advantage in Valencia. Such a handicap is obviously suspected of strengthening the home team. , This game suggests that the handicap is the main loss, Valencia is difficult to win a big victory.

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