UEFA Europa League analysis: Real Madrid encounters rival Olympia _ VS Temaccabi

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Technical analysis

Real Madrid's eight-game winning streak is surprising enough . The loss of last season's MVP Doncic did not affect the team's combat effectiveness. Anthony Randolph, a former warrior and titan who was naturalized in Slovenia, has become the new tactical core of the team. He and the American foreign aid Carroll performed well. The restored Spanish national player Yuy also played the role of Dinghai Shenzhen. However, due to the older age of Rudy Fernandez and Reyes, the strength of the team's second team declined slightly.

After Blatter, the coach who helped Darussa win the UEFA Cup last season, entered Olympia, the team's transformation began drastically. The 36-year-old "European Jordan" Spanoulis, a bit of the meaning of the second spring of his career, his scalpel-like passing is still very sharp. The 33-year-old veteran Princius is the team's first scorer, and the combination of strikers formed by him and Papani Gulaou complements each other. What's more, there is also a highly skilled and flexible high center Milutinov on the inside. The overall strength of the Greek giants still cannot be underestimated.

Exclusive views

Olympia is undoubtedly the Real Mark star, the team is not afraid of strong enemies psychologically. Real Madrid, which maintains a complete victory, has a high probability of breaking the battle. Big and small points recommendation: Oita (default total score is 160.5), handicap victory recommendation: Olympia-2.5 points win.


Fenerbahçe (guest) VS Temacabi (main)

Thursday, 303 UEFA, November 23 at 03:05

Technical analysis

Fenerbahçe, who has reached the finals for two seasons, has introduced two NBA champions, Taylor Ennis and Loverne, in the new season. Especially the power center Lovergne, he is extremely efficient, shooting up to 70%. The two star players Veseli and Srokas are still eye-catching, and Datomé, who has returned to the Italian national team, also has a stable output. Compared with other strong teams, Fenerbahçe's ability to win is mediocre and often gets into a fight with opponents.

As the most NBA-like team in the European Basketball Association, Te Maccabi has two American foreign players in the starting lineup. Old Rockets player Black and Bucks old player O'Brien formed a starting insider combination, and there is no doubt about their mobility. Three-pointers are the lifeblood of Temaccabi, Ruhr and Canner are both shooters with good shooting percentages, and there are scoring maniacs like Kendrick Ray on the bench. Although the team started badly, it has a lot to do with the schedule. There are only two home games in the first 8 games, and the opponents are the two superpower teams of Real Madrid and the Mozambican Army.

Exclusive views

Although Fenerbahçe performed well on the away game, he only beat his opponent by more than 5 points in one game. Te Maccabi, who has yet to win at home, is very hopeful of creating surprises in this game. Recommended size points: small points (default total score of 159.5), handicap wins and losses recommendation: Te Maccabi + 6.5 points to win.

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