European media: three NBA teams interested in Real Madrid defender Campazzo, buyout fee of 6 million US dollars

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Live Broadcast, May 4 News In the past few seasons, Real Madrid star point guard Campazzo’s name has always appeared in various NBA reports and rumors. According to European basketball reporter Nikos Varlas, the Argentine national player signed a five-year contract with the White Coat in 2019, including a $6 million buyout clause.

Nikos Varlas said that if Campazzo wants to join an NBA team, he will have to pay most of the above 6 million-5.275 million, and the remaining 725,000 will be paid by his destination team-New The owner is responsible.

Nikos Varlas said that Campazzo really caught the attention of NBA teams! According to multiple sources, so far, three NBA teams have shown strong interest in the guard.

Earlier news said that the Spurs and the Mavericks (SI reporter said that the Mavericks are not very interested) and many other teams are interested in Campazzo.

In the 2019-20 season, Campazzo played in 28 European games, averaging 9.9 points, 2.3 rebounds, 7.1 assists and 1.4 steals per game. He made 21 appearances in La Liga, averaging 10 points, 2.8 rebounds and 5 Assist 1 steal. Campazzo led Real Madrid to the Copa del Rey. The Argentine averaged 13.6 points, 5 rebounds, 10.3 assists and 4 steals per game and was awarded the MVP of the tournament.

Campazzo is 29 years old this year. In last year's Basketball World Cup, he averaged 13.3 points, 7.8 assists and 4.3 rebounds per game, helping Argentina win runner-up.

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