Valencia's home court beat the dark horse

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Valencia’s home court beat the dark horse

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Valencia VS Burgos p> Handicap: 7.5 Recommended: Valencia

Valencia lost 90-95 to Real Madrid in the last game. Valencia has reservations and did not try its best in this game. The team had 10 players on the field and five of them scored in double figures, which shows that Valencia's firepower is very balanced.

Forward Abidal scored 17 points and 3 assists in the game against Real Madrid. Marinkovic scored 14 points and 3 rebounds. American foreign aid Toby and the team’s top star Dubrevich The time in the last game was relatively small, which was obviously intentional. Dubrevich has just renewed his contract with the team recently, and his offensive threat is very big.

Burgos, who had an upset victory over Real Madrid, lost to Gran Canaria in overtime last game, but the team's performance is also remarkable. In the last game, Italian foreign aid Bennett scored 26 points, Cuba foreign aid Livino also scored 14 points and 9 rebounds. Guard McFadden scored 12 points and 3 assists.

Burgo Si relies heavily on McFadden, it is his outstanding performance that helped Burgos defeat Real Madrid, and once McFadden is targeted, Burgos will find it difficult to win.

Valencia gave 7.5 points in this game. Valencia is experienced and has the home court advantage. The team can play more people, and the rotation is also very good. The top star Dubrevich The state of Burgos is getting better and better. Burgos relies too much on McFadden. The team's offense obviously has shortcomings. Burgos played overtime in the last game and suffered a little physically. This game is very important to both sides, optimistic about Valencia to win the opponent win.

Real Madrid VS Andorra total score: 170.5 Recommendation: big goal

Real Madrid beat Valencia 95-90 in a game of life and death, Argentina defender Campazzo won A season high of 29 points and 11 assists, his 2-point shooting percentage was more than 80% and his three-point shooting percentage was more than 50%. The US foreign aid Tompkins scored 13 points and 3 rebounds.

Campazzo is also a nerve knife. He only scored 12 points and 3 assists in Real Madrid's loss to Burgos. His excellent performance in the last game meant it was difficult to maintain high-light performance. The performances of Real Madrid players such as Randolph and Carroll weren't very good. The last game Real Madrid was able to win against Valencia was mainly due to Campazzo's superb performance.

After losing two games in a row, Andorra beat Zaragoza 113 to 93 in the last game. The 113 points are also the highest points of all teams in a single game in the playoffs. Andorra has 12 points. Players played and 11 players scored. The team’s top star Taudnović scored a team-high 26 points. After Valencia, morale boosted and the team also found an offensive feeling. Although Andorra hopeless to qualify, the players also found confidence in the last game. I believe that Andorra, without the pressure of the game, will play against Real Madrid. In this game, it is expected that the scores of both sides will reach about 168 points. Andorra has shown terrifying scoring ability in the past two games. Real Madrid's Campazzo may also score points in the game. This game is optimistic about the two sides to play a big score.

Gran Canaria VS Zaragoza total score: 167.5 Recommendation: Ota

Gran Canaria defeated Burgos 91-87 in extra time in the last game, group record It was also 2 wins and 1 loss.

Gran Canaria’s recent offense has been outstanding, winning 104 points in a victory over Andorra and 91 points in a victory over Burgos.In the victory over Burgos, the Greek veteran Borosis scored 25 points. Borosis had played for the CBA team Guangsha and was still very good offensively. Montenegro's foreign aid Cook scored 16 points and 6 assists in the game against Burgos. He is the team's offensive engine. Harper, the team's top scorer in the regular season, has not performed well recently, and Costello's performance is unstable.

Zaragoza lost 20 points to Andorra in the last game, which is inconsistent with their regular season performance. Zaragoza has lost a total of 294 points in the past three games, which is all The most of the 12 teams.

In the game against Andorra, the Italian foreign aid Brusino scored 19 points, and the German foreign aid Benshin also scored 19 points. Benshin is also Zaragoza’s best player in the playoffs. Ennis, the core of the team, did not perform well, playing very poorly in all three games.

This game is expected to allow Gran Canaria to give about 5 points. Gran Canaria still has the hope of qualifying to the top two of the group. The team’s fighting spirit is also very strong. Once Borosis is found The offensive feeling will continue to explode. The performance of the team’s core Cook is also very stable. Zaragoza has lost all three playoff games and the team's state is not very good, but Zaragoza’s The offense is still guaranteed. This game is expected to open around 165 points for both sides. Even if Zaragoza loses this game, it will explode on the offensive end. We are optimistic that both sides will score big points.


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