List of all the events of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

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Affected by the general environment of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed to 2021. So what are all the events of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics? Regarding the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, there are 33 major events and 339 minor events in total.

The Olympic Games is a classification of similar Olympic competitions established by the International Olympic Committee. According to the information of the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Games are divided into categories: major events (SPORT), sub-events (DISCIPLINES) and small events (EVENT). The 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games will have 33 major events and 339 minor events. The specific competition schedule and venues have all been determined. The 2021 events will be held in the original venues, and the preparations for the Olympics will continue to advance.

On July 21st, the softball event will start the official event of the Tokyo Olympics, and the football match will also start on the same day; the first gold will be the women’s 10-meter air rifle starting at 8:30 in the morning on July 24 Produced in the event; the men's water polo final at 4:30 pm on August 8th will produce the final gold medal.

The day before the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, that is, August 7, 2021, another "Super Saturday" will usher in. At least 34 finals will be held at that time. This number is a single competition during the Olympics. The most of the day. The most watched events of the day included the men’s basketball final, men’s football final, women’s marathon final, baseball final, men’s volleyball final, individual all-around final of rhythmic gymnastics, and synchronized swimming group free choice finals. August 8, 2021 will be the last day of the Olympic Games, and the men’s marathon will be held in Sapporo, Hokkaido on that day. The men's water polo final at 4:30 in the afternoon will be the last medal match.

The award ceremony of the women's marathon will be held at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, which is the first time in Olympic history.

All events of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games:

Number of events: 1 Diving event 82 Swimming event 343 Synchronized swimming event 24 Water polo event 25 Archery event 46 Track and field event 477 Badminton match 58 Baseball match 19 Basketball match 210 Boxing match 1311 Canoe match 1612 Bicycle match 1813 Equestrian match 614 Fencing match 1015 Hockey match 216 Football match 217 Golf match 218 Gymnastics match 1819 Handball match 220 Judo match 1421 Karate match 822 Hyundai five Event 223 Rowing Competition 1424 Sevens Rugby Competition 225 Sailing Competition 1026 Shooting Competition 1527 Skateboarding Competition 428 Softball Competition 129 Rock Climbing Competition 230 Surfing Competition 231 Table Tennis Competition 432 Taekwondo Competition 833 Tennis Competition 534 Triathlon Competition 235 Volleyball Competition 436 Weightlifting Competition 1537 Wrestling Competition 18

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