Take a look at this world sports schedule for the 2021 season. When will it be appropriate for the Tokyo Olympics to stop?

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On March 24th, Beijing time, the official website of the International Olympic Committee issued a statement that the IOC and the Japanese government reached a consensus that the Tokyo Olympic Games will be postponed due to the epidemic. The date of the Tokyo Olympic Games is set after 2020, but no later than The summer of 2021. But the follow-up Tokyo Olympics next year's specific schedule needs to be further determined. Looking at the original competition next year, I really don't think there will be time for an Olympic Games in July and August. Sports reporters who are fighting on the front line are expected to be very tired next year. The World University Games, the Tokyo Olympics, and the Western Safety Games are likely to be held in three months between August and October next year.

There is still a very pressing question. The Tokyo Olympics are postponed for one year. Do the Olympic qualifying competitions of each individual event need to be restarted? Take badminton as an example. If the Olympic Games are postponed to next summer, a new Olympic points tournament should be arranged in the next year. There are also confusions in this area for many other events. For those who have already obtained Olympic qualifications, is it certain that their qualifications will remain valid until next summer?

In history, the Olympic Games were mostly held in August, and some were held in September or even in October, but basically Both are in the second half of the year, that is, July, August, and September. This is the golden period of sports events in a year, and it is also the easiest time for athletes in various sports to achieve good results. The previous January to June were basically preparations for the Olympics.

If the badminton, swimming, track and field world championships collectively make way for the Tokyo Olympics, most of them will be held before the Olympics. Because the Olympics will be a climax, the effect of moving to the Olympics will be very unsatisfactory. Then the Tokyo Olympics will be held in August next year, and the world championships in track and field, swimming, badminton, and table tennis will be held in May? It still feels too crowded, especially for top athletes in swimming and track and field. It is basically difficult for top athletes in these two major events to reach their peak sports in a short period of two or three months.

Then we still have to pay attention to the sports reporters who are still fighting on the front line of sports news reporting. Next year's 2021 World University Games will be held in Chengdu. This is a systematic project that the local government will use in accordance with the specifications and model for hosting the World Military Games in Wuhan last year, and promote the strength of the city's citizens. Many netizens may say that I don't pay much attention to this game, and I don't know how to watch it. However, the media reporters within the system will of course be required to make full efforts to report and propagate, and their strength and work intensity should be said to far exceed the Olympics.

Then there will be a four-year National Games next year, and the 14th National Games will be held in Xi’an. As we all know, the National Games is the most important four-year large-scale event held by the provincial sports bureaus. To a certain extent, it is also a four-year competition that determines the status of the provincial sports bureaus in the State Sports General Administration. For frontline sports journalists, this is another big battle. From August to October next year, the Olympic Games + Universiade + National Games will be followed by three major events. In previous events of this level, reports and interviews were exhausted. Next year, it will most likely be held in the second half of the year in three months.


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