The men's volleyball Olympic direct tournament list is all released, China missed, bad news makes the Chinese team afraid of missed the East Olympics _ competition

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This time the South Korean team is in Group B. South Korea, Brazil, the United States, and Belgium are veritable death groups. The South Korean team showed a strong desire to win in the first game and almost overthrew the Dutch team. Lost 2:3 and won 1 point; in the subsequent games, it was not surprising that they lost 0:3 to the United States and 0:3 to Belgium. The group stage was ranked last without a win.

Iran is divided into the possession of Russia, In Group E of Cuba and Mexico, the world’s eighth Iran’s biggest competitor is the Russian team. Iran first defeated Cuba 3-2, and then Iran defeated Mexico 3-0 for two consecutive victories. The last game against Russia only needs to win. You can get Olympic tickets, but Iran did not have the last laugh in front of the powerful Russia. Unfortunately, it lost the game 0:3 and gave the tickets to the opponent.

The Chinese team is in Group F, Canada, Finland, and Argentina. Before the game, many media also said that the Chinese team was in A favorable group, coupled with the advantage of the host, should be the best chance. The Chinese team defeated Finland 3-1 in the first game, and faced the superior Canadian team in the second game. The Chinese team once chased the big score to 2:2. In the end, because of the difference in strength, the territorial territory sent the game, but after winning, Canada lost the qualification to pass through the Olympics ahead of time. In the last game, the Chinese team could get the first place in the group as long as the game ended in four rounds, and China had already exceeded the level of performance. In the end, the team was unable to change its destiny and lost the crucial battle 2:3.

Let’s take a look at the current world rankings of several teams in Asia:

Iran ranks eighth, China is 20th, and South Korea is currently 24th. The gap between China and South Korea is the smallest. Iran is in an absolute dominant position, so Iran did not qualify in this game, which is the biggest regret and the worst news for China and South Korea.

In the 2019 National Men’s Volleyball League, only China, Japan and Iran will compete in Asia. South Korea has not won the right to participate. In the final In the rankings, Iran is ranked second, Japan is ranked tenth, and China is ranked sixteenth (first from the bottom). From the current point of view, China’s biggest opponent is Iran. The Chinese team is at a disadvantage in front of Iran, but everyone wins on the volleyball court. It is possible that strength and luck complement each other.

Looking forward to the Asian regional defeat in January next year, are you optimistic about the Chinese team?

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