Liu Shiwen and Chen Meng "lay flat" one after another, they won the championship, waiting for the Olympics to come _ Competition

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It was thought that Liu Shiwen would end the previous embarrassing record after winning the championship.

What I didn't expect was that Liu Shiwen had started a dozen or so times of retirement, and had no intention of winning singles in the Open. Since July 2018, Liu Shiwen has never won any singles championship in a public event.

No wonder many fans believe that the era of Liu Shiwen is over after July 2018.

Look at Liu Shiwen’s open mixed doubles championships. There are a dozen or so, but Liu Shiwen, who won the championship in singles competitions in the past two years,

It's strange that you can't win a championship in an ordinary open event anyway. At the 2019 Austrian Open, Liu Shiwen also stopped the women's singles in the top 16 and surprised many fans.

Throughout 2020, Liu Shiwen has become the most retired year in his career. Only participated in one German Open and was swept 4:0 by teammate Zhu Yuling in the singles match. After that, Liu Shiwen didn't show up much for a whole year,

completely entered the rhythm of recuperating and lying flat. But what is strange is that Liu Shiwen, who is obviously injured, always announces her retirement before the game. I believe this is a mystery so far. Many fans really don’t understand. Why do they even announce the competition at the beginning when they are recovering from their injuries?

It took a long time for Liu Shiwen to lie flat. It was not until the Olympics was about to start that Liu Shiwen announced his official comeback. The nodes are just right. And the same school sister Chen Meng, since she won the only major championship in her career last year,

has also continuously entered the mode of reducing competitions. In the National Games qualifiers held this year, Chen Meng was the only national table tennis player who did not participate.

When other main players competed in the qualifiers, Chen Meng had been training.

Only training without competition has become a mode of Chen Meng's National Games qualifiers. In fact, Chen Meng can participate in the competition. Although it is to represent their respective provincial teams, the games on the field are more effective than training alone. If training can completely replace competitions,

I believe that all the main players will take the initiative to reduce the number of competitions, and the national table tennis coaching staff will not be able to continuously organize simulation events before the start of the Olympic Games. The purpose is to practice with competitions.

In these two direct tournaments organized by National Table Tennis, Chen Meng is also one of the main players with the least participation in the competition. Players. Except for the second straight through to participate in two women's doubles, Chen Meng did not participate in mixed doubles in the rest of the time, only focusing on singles. This is in stark contrast with other main players.

Because players like Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu, and Chen Xing have not participated in the Olympic mixed doubles mission, but these players have to play 4 matches a day, which can be said to be very tiring. .

Chen Meng took the initiative to reduce the number of events in this type of competition, and indeed got a good opportunity to wait for work. All of the two through matches entered the singles finals, won one sub-a championship, and successfully qualified for the World Table Tennis Championships.

Although many fans think this is unfair, compared to other players, Chen Meng does enjoy a bonus on the schedule.

Chen Meng’s fans explained that the reason for reducing the number of entries is to prepare for the Olympic singles the match of. But Sun Yingsha also participates in the Olympic singles competition.

Why does Sun Yingsha take part in more competitions? Obviously Chen MengFans’ statement is really not logical, because Guoping is pursuing double insurance for Olympic singles. If you rely on Chen Meng alone, you don’t have to let Sun Yingsha participate.

In fact, Chen Meng encountered difficulties in the Nanyang Direct Tournament. Sun Yingsha did not reach the singles final, and Chen Meng also lost the championship. Reducing the number of entries really did not make Chen Meng's game state reach its best. Neither of the two events in the Nanyang Through Tournament won the championship, and the particles were not collected.

Putting it another way, with Chen Meng and Liu Shiwen both qualified for the Olympic Games, their only goal now is It is to achieve the dream of winning the Olympic Games.

Before the start of the Olympic Games, the number of matches was reduced. Judging from the through matches, it is a double-edged sword for Chen Meng and Liu Shiwen. Although they want to wait for the Olympic Games to start,

reduce unnecessary losses before the Olympic Games. Of course, this does affect their competitive state, it should be summarized. I don't know what the majority of fans think, please leave a message to discuss. Pay attention to Erlang Shenkanqiu, and bring you a different life insight and thinking. Return to Sohu to see more


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