China's nineteenth gold! Ma Long defeated Fan Zhendong and became the first person to win the Olympic Table Tennis Men's Singles Championship

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On July 30, the men’s singles final of the Tokyo Olympics was held at the Tokyo Gymnasium. In this China’s "civil war" that locked the gold medal in advance In, Ma Long defeated Fan Zhendong with a total score of 4 to 2 and successfully defended his title. He was also the first player in history to win the Olympic Table Tennis Men's Singles Championship.

This is the second table tennis gold medal won by the Chinese team in this Olympics, and it is also the fourth consecutive Olympic Games for the Chinese table tennis team to win the men's singles gold and silver medals.

The promotion of Ma Long and Fan Zhendong was not easy. In the semi-finals of the previous day, Malone had gone through the tie-break and had to overcome Germany's Ocharov. Fan Zhendong also fought for seven games before beating the Chinese Taipei teenager Lin Yunru.

Malone and Fan Zhendong, who know each other well, are equally strong, so the competition between the two sides is more on the spot and the grasp of details. In this world's top men's singles matchup, the two gave a wonderful pairing for the fans as soon as they came up, and Malone, who entered the state faster, soon went 11 to 4 in the next game. However, Fan Zhendong, who slowly released his emotions, pulled it back 12-10 in the second game.

As the game progressed, the more experienced Malone gradually took control of the rhythm on the court, and the two cities in a row opened the big score to 3-1. The points difference between the third and fourth innings were both within 3 points, which shows the fierce competition on the court.

The fifth game came up again with a wonderful confrontation battle. Fan Zhendong constantly sought to change the line in the stalemate, and soon led by 8 to 2, and took the fifth game 11 to 3.

In the crucial sixth game, Ma Long fully utilized his advantages of accurate prediction and comprehensive play, and finally defeated Fan Zhendong 11-7 and won a gold medal.

"For the players, this is an Olympic Games of special significance. After five years of preparations, Training together and experiencing together also makes our team more cohesive.” After arriving in Tokyo, Liu Guoliang, Chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, expressed the hope that the team members will fully mobilize the state of the Tokyo Olympic preparation cycle without leaving any regrets.

In fact, this Olympics has a special significance for Ma Long. Compared with the "post-00s" like Japanese star Zhang Benzhi or Chinese Taipei player Lin Yunru, Ma Long, who has 18 years of national table tennis "team age", is already an out-and-out veteran. It is a precious experience. Before that, Ma Long said that "even if I lose one game, I can't forgive myself."

So far in his career, Malone’s titles are numerous. He is the first to achieve the Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cup, Asian Games, Asian Championships, Asian Cup, Tour Finals, National Games singles champion All-in-one men's super grand slam player.

Fan Zhendong said frankly that as everyone’s strengths are very close to the next level. Faced with continuous pressure and the presence of strong enemies, Fan Zhendong hopes to set a good mentality, "I will try to digest 、Shield off the pressure and put all your energy into the game in your own way."

In fact, for Fan Zhendong, who participated in the Olympics for the first time, he was able to stand out from the proficient national table tennis team. Going abroad is an affirmation of one's own strength. Fan Zhendong, now ranked number one in the world, is a rising star of the national table tennis. In recent years, he has won the World Cup, Asian Cup and other singles championships, and also won the ITTF best male athlete in 2018.

Next, Ma Long and Fan Zhendong will represent the Chinese team in the men's team competition, which will start on August 1.

Author: Shen Qinhan

Editor: Liu Chang

Editor in charge: Shen Lei

Picture source: Vision China

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