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After the Chinese women’s volleyball team beat the United States 3:0

Great victory over Kenya

Eight straight wins

And maintain the full victory of the World Cup championship

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the motherland


The Chinese women's volleyball team once again brings pride to the Chinese people

Congratulations to the women's volleyball girls!

70 years since the founding of New China

Countless outstanding athletes

Do their best to win glory for the country

Interpreted with action

The meaning of "higher, faster, stronger"

There is a story called China Sports

There is a spirit called never give up

At the end of the 1950s, the first generation of mountaineers

Starting to march towards the highest peak in the world

No food, no oxygen, extremely cold

They can only use flesh and blood to build the "Chinese Ladder"

Wang Fuzhou, Gongbu, Qu Yinhua

Finally at 4:20 on May 25, 1960

Let the five-star red flag Flying above the top of Mount Everest

The northern slope that no one has successfully climbed for half a century

So it was conquered by the Chinese

Winter in 1982

Xu Haifeng enters the provincial team

Start training for the pistol slow-fire event

I need to hold a cold gun

Reach out for a whole day

It's painful and unbearable. Frostbite

A limited number of domestic bullets

The tough training conditions

Never interfered with his precise shooting

At the 1984 Olympic Games


He won the first gold medal in the history of the Chinese Olympic Games

"The March of Volunteers"

For the first time in the Olympic Games

Also at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games

Li Ning shocked the world, he alone won it

Floor exercises, pommel horses , Three gold medals for rings

Among them, floor exercise is even moreChinese athlete’s

The first Olympic gymnastics gold medal

In his gymnastics career

Won a total of 14 world championships and 106 gold medals

Known as the world’s gymnastics authority

"The most perfect gymnast"

His original creation

"Li Ning is hanging on the ring" "Parallel bars Li Ning big swing"

It is still imitated and learned by junior gymnastics

During the five years from 1982 to 1986

The Chinese women's volleyball team won the world championship for five consecutive times

In the World Cup, World Championships and Olympic Games

The women's volleyball girls are so shining

The immortal "Women's Volleyball Spirit"

Inspiring young people of that era to keep moving forward

2004 Athens Olympic finals

The Chinese women's volleyball team fell behind the Russian team 0:2

But with incomparably strong resilience

Complete the shocking reversal

Until today


"Women's Volleyball Spirit" is still shining

The new generation of Chinese women's football team refuses to admit defeat

In line with their predecessors

1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

The Chinese women's football team fights against Brazil in the semifinals

Although one goal is advanced

However, the team was sent off and the score was overtaken.

There is not much time left for the Chinese team

At the last moment, go against the trend!

Wei Haiying scored two goals in ten minutes

Helped the Chinese team into the final

Won a heavy silver medal

At the 1999 Women’s World Cup

They were equally powerful, Achieve the runner-up results

Storms and rainbows, sonorous roses

In the 2001 World Table Tennis Championships men's team semifinals

The Chinese team has been in desperation

See it To lose to South Korea

The rookie at the time, Liu Guozheng, did not give up

Chasing every point

Save seven thrilling match points

Help the Chinese team reach the final and win the championship

Rong Guotuan, who yelled "How many strokes in life",

"Don’t understand the ball "Liu Guoliang,

Deng Yaping, Zhang Yining, Ma Long...

No one knows how strong the first place is

The Chinese table tennis team is handed down.

The epic undefeated legend continues p>

As famous as table tennis

There is also the Chinese diving dream team


Gao Min, known as the "diving queen"

16-year-old won the world championship

The entire sports career

A total of more than 70 international diving championships won

Also includes two Olympic gold medals

Fu Mingxia, Guo Jingjing, Chen Ruolin...

Generations of diving people use sweat and hard work

Achieve China’s unparalleled status in diving

"Asian people are not suitable for short-distance track and field"

This is the West Consensus

But they don’t know

Every failure experienced by the yellow race

All have an unyielding energy

August 28, 2004

12.91 seconds after the firing gun

Liu Xiang crossed the finish line Line

"Who said the yellow race

can’t get the top eight in the Olympic Games"

He broke through the prejudices of the West

Let the whole China burn to tears

The Chinese men's basketball team at the 2006 World Championships

Fight with Slovenia to the last minute

Win, you can qualify

With only 5.8 seconds left, how to catch up with 2 points?

Wang Shipeng receives the pass from Yao Ming

Throws the ball from beyond the three-point line to the net

The Chinese team won, and the audience is boiling!

Nine years later at the Men's Basketball Asian Championship

China The team is 20 points behind the South Korean team

Offensive difficulties, falling into a scoring shortage

But there is no "giving up" in their dictionary. Words

Yi Jianlian led the team to become more and more courageous

The team successfully reversed

All the fans spontaneously sang "Singing the Motherland"

This is the team members who persisted to the last second

Deserved Glory

2012 London Olympic Games

The Chinese badminton team makes history

Won all 5 gold medals

Such a good result is unprecedented

2016 in 4 years Rio Olympic Games

Men's Badminton Singles Final

Chen Long faces Malaysian star Li Zongwei

Won the championship cleanly with 2 to 0

Achieve a personal grand slam

Sun Yang, who won two Olympic gold medals in 2012

But in the following years

Surgery due to injury

Slumped down, with old shoulder injuries

People thought he would disappear

Even he himself began to doubt himself

"Without a last resort, I won't give up"

He uses high-intensity training to get back the feeling

Every day 16 kilometers, the earliest to come and the latest to go

Experience and frustration illuminate his way forward

Rio, 2016 2018 Jakarta

Sun Yang returns to the championship podium

From the poor to the strong

From the particle to the fruitful

70 years, China The blue wisp of the sports road

Embark on the road of rejuvenation with the country and the people

The pioneers of those heroes


Those great athletes

Like the stars in the night sky

Guarding the glory of the country

"Have you tried your best?"

They do not seek perfection, but seek to be ashamed of their hearts

Sweating like rain on the training ground

Gritting their teeth on the field

Creating the legend of Jedi reversal

Creating unprecedented records

Remember the glorious moment of Chinese sports in the past 70 years

Doing your best has become an instinct

National honor has been integrated into the bloodstream

70 years of pursuit of dreams in sports.

To Chinese athletes, Respectfully!


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