[Volleyball TOP] Top ten uncrowned kings of women's volleyball, goddesses of those years

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Tom No. 15

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Issues 5 and 6 will be based on the three major FIVB competitions (Olympic Games, World Championships, and World Cup), and count the top ten uncrowned kings of women's volleyball in the world.

[Issue 5 Review] Women's Volleyball Top Ten Uncrowned King Jin Ruanjing Wang Yimei is on the list

[Issue 6] Competitive sports competition is extremely cruel, and athletes at the top of the pyramid are only a few . Looking at the sports world, there are many top athletes and sports teams who have not won the world championship. Volleyball is no exception. Many players have outstanding talents or superb skills. They have become star players with their outstanding strength and strong appeal, but they have missed the world championship due to various reasons.

Hyman, Anna Mosser, Venturini, Dias, Scott, Sun Yue, Tishchenko, Atamonova, Bonn, Logan Tom, etc. World-class celebrities are in a strong team, but the fortunes are not good enough to rush to the championship and repeatedly frustrated; Leto, Barbara, Glinka, Glenn, Montaño, Polyak, Neslihan, Freer, Mama Dowa, Foster, and other strong players personally shine, but their teammates in collective events such as volleyball are not strong enough, and it is difficult to become a strong contender for the championship of the three major tournaments. Let's take a look at the "Uncrowned King" of the world's women's volleyball team with the editor!

5. Logan Tom, Nationality: United States, Location: Main Attack

Logan Tom is the most famous player on the main offensive line of the US women's volleyball team in the past 20 years. With a quarter of Chinese ancestry, she joined Guangdong Evergrande in the 2010-2011 season in the Chinese League, allowing her to have a large number of loyal fans in China. From entering the national team at the age of 19 to make his mark in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, to the 2012 London Olympics, he faded out of the national team after he suffered a setback for the second time. In the three World Cups, he won four silvers and two bronzes, and missed a gold medal in the three major tournaments.

In the 2002 World Championships, the 21-year-old Tom was already the core of the United States offensive and defensive. In the semifinals, he defeated Russia as the top contender for the championship. But in the final, he met the unstoppable Torgut and lost to Italy in second place. In World War II She stood on the podium in the three major competitions, and she became the main star of the star. At the 2004 Athens Olympics, the United States was eliminated by Brazil in the quarter-finals, and the frustrated Tom switched to the sand platoon. Although she has not been able to find the rhythm of the sand row, during this period she has practiced more excellent back row skills. In 2007, Tom took the initiative to express his willingness to return to Lang Ping, who was the US coach at the time, and joined the team quickly before the World Cup. Her joining made the US offensive and defensive balance, and won the third place in the World Cup to get the North Olympic tickets for the first time.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the United States’ winning streak reached the finals, and the top match with Brazil missed the battle in the fourth game. Tom flew the key ball on the match point, leading Brazil to the first. In the United States, he took off the title of "the second in the millennium". This is the most recent time in Tom’s sports career since the Olympic gold medal. She was the best scorer with a total of 124 points. On the podium, the heartbroken Tom fell into the arms of the veteran Bonn like a child. This scene is still unforgettable. 201The United States was the most championship-winning team in the London Olympics in 2 years. However, it was a big hit. In the finals, except for Tom, the collective performance was abnormal. She only managed to support the final comeback, and then lost to Brazil for the second time. Although his professional career has often missed the championship, Tom, who is extremely independent, travels to various leagues and plays for different clubs every year. It is a legend.

Sun Yue

4. Sun Yue, nationality : China, Location: Main Attack

Sun Yue, the "little tiger" with a sweet smile and cute dimples, is the head star of the Chinese women's volleyball team in the 1990s. From being selected for the national women's volleyball team at the end of 1991 to the 2000 Sydney Olympics, she faded out of the national team. With all-round skills and tenacious style, she became a representative of the team. Xiao Jianhua, Pan Wenli, Li Yan, Wang Lina, Yin Yin, the diagonals of Sun Yue in the past 10 years have changed, but she has been firmly seated in the main attacking position of the Chinese women's volleyball team. Sun Yue served in the national team, Qiafeng "black rubber" Cuban women's volleyball team was in its heyday. The opponent is too strong, making her miss the world champion. The 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the 1998 World Championships won two silver medals, which is Sun Yue's best results in the three major competitions.

Bounce and lack of waist and abdomen make Sun Yue lack the innate conditions to become a heavy gunner, but she is agile in playing, changing lines and tactics, and excellent in first pass and defensive skills. She is an outstanding representative of all-round main attack. Sun Yue's appearance and skills are both online, and he has no choice but to be out of time. Not only does he live in an era where there are many world volleyball players, but also just in time for the Chinese women's volleyball team from the trough to the climbing stage. When she first joined the national team, she was seventh in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, eighth in the 1994 World Championships, and lost the Hiroshima Asian Games in the same year. Such a bad result was undoubtedly a heavy blow to the glory of the women's volleyball team. In the darkest days, Sun Yue did not abandon herself. As Lang Ping returned to China to coach, she and her teammates restarted the road to climbing the peak. Although he failed to get the world champion, Sun Yue's tenacious struggle and charming smile have become fans' deepest memory of the Chinese women's volleyball team in the 1990s.

In 1996 Olympic Games and 1998 World Championships, they competed with Cuba twice. Sun Yue was the most eye-catching performance of Chinese women's volleyball team. Players. The World Championships and the Cuban stars across the net did not lose the wind. It was the pinnacle of her sports career! In the 1999 Swiss Classic, Sun Yue was hit by Cuba's Sanchez over the net, causing one-third of the medial collateral ligament of his left leg to be torn. This heavy injury became a watershed in her sports career, and her offensive lethality has dropped sharply since then. Some people joked that Sun Yue is the real "second in the millennium", representing the national team without a championship in the three major competitions, leading Jiangsu to rush to the championship several times and being suppressed by Shanghai, and joining Novara in the Italian league is also the runner-up in all three leagues. Sun Yue is an evergreen tree in Chinese volleyball. At the age of 36, she still returned to prepare for the National Games in 2009. Unfortunately, when she arrived in the preliminaries, the situation changed suddenly and she was notified by the volleyball management center that she was not eligible for the competition. This is the way to comeback. Interrupted.


3. Venturini, nationality: Brazil, Position: Setter

Compared with Ffao, who was about the same age and almost became a god in 2008, Venturini has no Olympic gold medal, but it is in the history of the Brazilian women's volleyball team. The best setter. With clear passing ideas, strong technical stability, outstanding physical fitness, and good blocking skills, he enjoys a high reputation in the Four Games Olympics. Venturini's strength can be seen from the fact that Venturini's ability to put the same excellent Ffao on the bench for three Olympic cycles has been repeatedly mentioned.

In the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Venturini, who was under 18, was selected as a substitute for the Brazilian national team and won the sixth place. Since winning fourth place in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Brazil has truly risen in the international volleyball arena. The 1994 World Championships and the 1995 World Cup won two runner-ups, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the 1998 World Championships won two fourths. Venturini is the main setter. Under her schedule, Brazil has the strength to win the world championship, but Cuba in its heyday makes it difficult for all teams to overcome, and the defeat in the semi-finals of the 96 Olympic Games made Venturini heartbroken. In 1999, Venturini married Rezende, who was re-designated as the coach of the Brazilian men's volleyball team. After fading out because of having a daughter, Ffao took over and won the third place in the World Cup and the Sydney Olympics.

Venturini and Rezende

After the 2002 World Championships, the new coach Guimarães invited Venturini, who had been with the team for nearly 5 years, to return. Brazil led by Venturini in the 2003 World CupThe West lost to China and finished runner-up. In the 2004 Athens Olympics semi-finals, Russia was counterattacked by Russia. Whether the final goal should be passed to the first three games of Marian is still being questioned. After the Athens Olympics, Venturini withdrew from the national team and Ffao returned to the top. In 2008 Venturini expressed his wish to return to the national team to Guimarães. "One mountain cannot tolerate two tigers", Ffao, who has been tolerant for many years, has a tough attitude this time and publicly issued a statement saying that he will withdraw from the national team as long as Venturini returns. Guimarães chose Ffao after weighing the pros and cons, and the 38-year-old made her a legend in Brazil's North Otto. Venturini, who is more than 40 years old, made his comeback in 2011 and joined the Palestinian Super League champion Unilever as the main player.


2. Haiman, Nationality: United States, Location: Main Attack

Heyman is the most powerful heavy gunner of the American women's volleyball team in the 1980s. With excellent strength and jumping ability, the height of 1.96 meters was even more arrogant at the time. Together with China's Lang Ping and Cuba's Luis, he was named the world's top three smashers in volleyball. Hyman was selected for the US women's volleyball team in 1974. During Salinger's coaching period, her skills have matured and become the pillar of the US women's volleyball team, helping the team win the international arena.

The 1981 World Cup champion belonged to the Chinese women's volleyball team, and the United States only finished fourth, but Hyman won the Best Smash Award and the Outstanding Player Award for his outstanding network port strength. The US Women's Volleyball Team won the third place in the 1982 World Championships, and the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics won the silver medal. In order to be able to climb the peak of the world championship, Hyman and her teammates made unimaginable efforts, but unfortunately encountered a more integrated China, she failed to win the world championship trophy into her arms.

After the Los Angeles Olympics, Hyman joined the Japanese Daiei Business Team to compete in the professional league. On January 24, 1986, in a match against Hitachi, Hyman who was cheering for his teammates on the field suddenly fell and his heart stopped beating on the way to the hospital. After an autopsy, Hyman died of a ruptured aortic dissection caused by Marfan syndrome. On January 31, Hyman was buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood, California. More than 500 people attended her funeral. Heyman's untimely death shocked the volleyball world, and her mentor Salinger chose to cherish the memory of her beloved in a unique way-the Daei women's volleyball team who went to Japan to coach Heyman during his lifetime.


1. Atamonova, nationality: Russia, position: main attack

From the 1990s to the beginning of this century, Atamonova was the core player of the Russian women's volleyball team, and she can be called a goddess-level volleyball genius. At the age of 16, she participated in the World Cup at the age of 16, became Russia's main substitute in the Barcelona Olympics at the age of 17, and was promoted to Russia's top scorer at the age of 18. She is extremely talented and quickly grew into the world's top attacker. The noble and glamorous Atamonova was very domineering on the court, and her height of 1.91 meters was also exceptional at the time. She has a strong offensive, relatively comprehensive skills, and a combination of beauty and ball skills, making her the darling of volleyball.

From the 1991 World Cup to prominence, to the 2012 London Olympics regrettably curtain call, Atamonova has been in the international arena for 21 years, but has never been a world champion. With an enviable beauty, talent and skills, God alone did not favor her in terms of luck for the championship. Before his debut, Russia reached the top of the 1990 World Championships, and the blooming of the international arena coincided with the heyday of the Cuban dynasty. In the 21st century, Russia has not been able to grasp the opportunity of the championship because of the intensified turmoil in Russia. After the 2004 Athens Olympics, Atamonova faded out of the national team. In the 2006 World Championships, Russia beat Brazil 3-2. The contemporaries Sokolova and Gaudina successfully realized their dreams. On the championship podium, the old "troika" was the only one missing her. Her desire to compete for the title was not lost. She returned to participate in the Olympic Games twice in 2008 and 2012, and Russia failed to qualify for the semi-finals. The six Olympic games failed to win the gold medal, leaving an irreparable regret in Atamonova's sports career.

Some people call Atamonova the "catastrophe" of the Russian women's volleyball team. If she plays, Russia will definitely Lost the crown. Despite the unbreakable fate, Atamonova is still the best all-round main attack in the world volleyball in the past 30 years. Three silvers in the Olympics, three bronzes in the World Championships, and two silvers in the World Cup. It is regrettable that she did not win the world championship, but no one can deny her ability and contribution to the Russian women's volleyball team. As one of the top stars in the world volleyball world, he can respond to the team's call at the age of 37 and save Russia, even if he is a substitute. With such a mindAnd professionalism, Atamonova deserves to be the first person in the Russian women's volleyball team. (Feel free to follow the wind)

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