The latest Olympic gold medal list: China ranked first with 15 medals, Japan ranked second with 15 medals, and the United States ranked third with 14 medals _ Sun Yingsha

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Which medals did China win on the 6th day of the Olympic Games?

On the 6th day of the Olympic Games, the Chinese sports delegation gained a lot, winning 3 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze. First, in the women's 200m butterfly final, Zhang Yufei of the Chinese team shined in the swimming pool and helped the Chinese sports delegation to win a gold medal; then, in the women's 4×200m freestyle final, Zhang Yufei and his teammates broke the world record in one fell swoop. Win another gold medal.

Secondly, in the women’s table tennis finals, Chinese player Chen Meng defeated teammate Sun Yingsha 4-2 and won it. The first Olympic singles champion in his career, he became a veritable leader of the new generation of women's table tennis. Teammate Sun Yingsha won a silver medal; finally, in the rowing men's double scull competition, the Chinese team Liu Zhiyu and Zhang Liang defeated the best players. , Successfully won a bronze medal. So far, the total number of medals for the Chinese team has reached 31!


On the 6th day of the Olympic Games, what other games are worth reviewing?

I have to mention the Chinese women's volleyball team! As the champion of the Rio Olympic Games women's volleyball event, the Chinese women's volleyball team has always been the favorite to win the championship. However, I never thought that in the women's volleyball group stage, the Chinese women's volleyball team lost repeatedly, losing to the Turkish women's volleyball team, the US women's volleyball team and the Russian Olympic women's volleyball team. Although it is not the first from the bottom of the group, there is only theoretical possibility left to successfully advance to the second round. In the next game, the Chinese women's volleyball team will face the strongest Italian women's volleyball team. What will happen by then, let us wait and see!

In addition, there is another exciting game, that is the women's singles semi-final. Sun Yingsha swept Ito Mei 4-0 Honest game. Although this is just an ordinary Olympic game, it has aroused great attention from netizens because the mixed doubles gold medal that Guoping originally intended to win was "picked" by Mima Ito. Therefore, both national table tennis and fans are eager to witness Sun Yingsha's victory over Mima Ito. The final result was as we had imagined. Sun Yingsha easily eliminated Mima Ito and successfully met with Chen Meng in the final.

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