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It is a very challenging thing to balance sports career and family life, and for the Australian men's volleyball team that can maintain a good balance between the two Lincoln William For Ms this is also a huge achievement. He has his family, friends and teammates who are always supporting him.

Williams on the field used a powerful left-handed attack to become a powerful fighter of the team. But at home, he has a soft heart, and is an out-and-out "daddy".

"When I am at home, I will help my wife take care of our two girls. I will spend a lot of time with them to watch cartoons or go to the playground.

Balancing career and family is much more difficult than simply playing ball. In the process of his pursuit of volleyball dreams In China, striving to be a good family "pillar" is his motivation every day. "I like the feeling of being a father. I am lucky that my wife can understand my career and provide help. In difficult times, I had to leave them, but the Australian Volleyball Association also helped us a lot in this regard.

Williams is in He joined the national team at the age of 16, and participated in the Australian Men’s Volleyball Team in the 2012 London Olympics at the age of 18. He was also the youngest member of the team. After that, he represented Australia in the first session held in Brazil in 2013. At the FIVB U23 World Championship, he was the third scorer of the Australian Men’s Volleyball Team.

"I started playing volleyball in high school and I loved it deeply. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to come to Canberra to receive professional training.

"The first match I participated in was the Asian Youth Volleyball Championship held in Iran in 2010, and the last match I participated in was the AVC Asian Olympic Qualifying Tournament. Obviously, between these two matches There is a huge difference in the importance and significance of. It has been ten years since I participated in the World Series for the first time today, and I have made considerable progress compared to myself at that time."

"2012 The London Olympics in 2008 is my most memorable competition. It is incredible that I can work hard for a common goal with a group of outstanding athletes."

Williams also participated in the three FIVB World Volleyball Leagues in 2014, 2015 and 2017, and subsequently participated in 2018 FIVB World Volleyball Championship. He issued 6 Ace in the match against the Russian Men's Volleyball Team on June 1, 2018, setting a record for the most serve points in a single game in the first FIVB VNL match.

"VNL’s schedule is difficult. It’s not easy to go to five different countries in five weeks and play three games a week. We don’t have many other top teams In 2019, we participated in the FIVB Challenger Cup. Every game is very important, just to win a place in VNL. This event is a double test of the body and the mind."

After participating in the 2012 London Olympics, Williams started his professional league career in Sweden, where he played for the Linkoping VC club. After that, he played for the Cliriano Club in Italy for one season, played for the Selfer Tallinn Club in Estonia for three seasons, and then played for the Frankfurt Club in Germany and Bayern in Poland for the next three seasons. Zin MKS club and Russia’s Ugra Samotello Nygenevartovsk club.

"Participating in the Russian league is a special experience. Because there are various factors that make thisIt's very difficult. First of all, their level of competition is very high, so I must always maintain the best condition to compete with it. In addition, the journey in Russia is also very difficult, we almost spend a month on the road, and the climate in Siberia is very bad, especially for me living in Australia. The two are very different. Russian players are fighters. ”

The 26-year-old Williams has ten years of He is still doing his best to become better and inspire others.

"I am a dedicated and hardworking athlete, and I also know how to relax myself. The most valuable thing I learned from this sport is that you always have something you can try to make yourself better and keep improving.

"It is very difficult to take into account both high school studies and professional volleyball training. When I was young, I would watch some of the best players’ game videos and learn their strengths. I hope to be able to They are equally good. Now, I will try my best to inspire young Australians to play volleyball."


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