Valencia and South Korea’s talented young players are beginning to face military service issues, the Olympic Games postponement or missed opportunities

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Since Tottenham’s South Korean star Sun Xingmin has returned to his home in South Korea during the epidemic, he has decided to make full use of this football’s “gap period” to implement South Korea’s 4-week minimum military service requirements.

He led the national team to the gold medal in the 2018 Asian Games, which freed him from military service, but still required four weeks of military training. Four weeks is the minimum requirement. Ordinary Korean men usually have to complete about two years of military service between the ages of 19 and 29 (20-30 according to the Korean age).

Of course there are exceptions, but military service can be reduced or exempted only in very rare circumstances, such as making a huge contribution to the country due to personal behavior. Time, if the athletes take the team to the top 8 of the World Cup, the Olympic gold, silver and bronze medalists; the Asian Games gold medalists; the team event champion must be a player on the field, and players who have not played are not exempted.

Valencia’s South Korean talented midfielder Lee Gang-in also began to face the same problems as Sun Xingmin. Li Gangren was born in 2001 and transferred from the K Incheon United Youth Team to the La Liga Valencia Football Club Youth Team at the age of 10. This season, he has played 11 times in the first team of Valencia and scored one goal.

Now Li Gangren is 19 years old and he is old enough to serve in the military, although like Sun Xingmin, he has enough Time to fight for military service relief. But there is no doubt that the Olympics is the best opportunity for him at his age, but he doesn't seem to care. At the U23 Asian Cup at the beginning of the year, he directly gave up this opportunity. Now the Korean U23 team is full of talents, and the postponement of the Olympics will increase. The pressure of being selected for the national team, especially for their "skip players", after all, no one knows how they will be in 4 years.

Last summer, it was his first appearance on the international arena. He led the Korean team to the World Youth Championship finals and won the Golden Globe Award. Although it was a 0-1 defeat against Ukraine in the final, it can also be seen that this U20 South Korean youth team is very strong. There are many netizens on the Internet willing to exempt them from military service, but the rules are the rules, the World Youth Championship Even winning the championship is not exempt from military service.

Because athletes’ sports career is relatively short, and the period from 19 to 29 is likely to be their peak of sports , The military service system will have a huge impact on their careers. In addition to the greatly reduced income, it is also difficult to maintain a sporting state in the army. Many Korean athletes are desperate to compete for medals in international competitions in order to reduce or exempt military service.

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