The first battle in the Olympic Games! Chinese women's football debuts, Wu Haiyan leads, Wang Shuang absent _ match

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Original title: The first game of the Olympic Games! The Chinese women’s football team made their debut, Wu Haiyan led, and Wang Shuang absent.

On February 7, Beijing time, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Women’s Football Qualifiers continued. The Chinese women’s football team played against Thailand. Before the game, the Chinese football team officially announced The starting list for this game.

In the preliminaries, the Chinese women's football team encountered many difficulties. It was not until February 5 that the whole team was lifted from isolation and arrived in Sydney on the 6th for ball training. This time the women's football team is in a group with Thailand, Chinese Taipei and Australia. The top two teams in the group enter the play-offs. In the other play-offs, South Korea and Vietnam qualify. In order for the Chinese women's football team to enter the Olympics, they must first get the top two in the group.

There have been many twists and turns, but the women's football team is confident. The starting lineup for this game is Lin Yuping, Wu Haiyan, Zhang Xin, Ma Jun, Li Ying, Wang Shanshan, Peng Shimeng, Yao Lingwei, Luo Guiping, Tang Jiali, Zhai Qingwei. It needs to be pointed out that Wang Shuang, Yao Wei and other four players are absent. Wang Shuang and Yao Wei are trapped in Wuhan and cannot go to Australia with the team. This also has an impact on the strength of the women's football, but the team still has to play well. Compete, be yourself.

This field The match will be broadcast live on CCTV Sports Channel. Let’s cheer for the Chinese women’s football team.

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