Zanetti: Icardi wants to stay at Inter Milan

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According to the Italian Football Net, Inter Milan’s Vice President Zanetti insisted that Icardi was very happy with the team.

Recently, media rumours that Icardi will leave the team this summer, including Juventus, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Chelsea. His potential next home. Zanetti attended a sponsorship event today, and he was inevitably asked this question.

"It is really disappointing that he will not make it to the World Cup, because he has proven that he can fit into the Argentine national team." Zanetti told reporters. "

When the team has a champion like him, it is normal to receive many offers, but Icardi is the captain of Inter Milan and the team's benchmark."


We are very happy to have him, and he is also very happy to play for Inter. We are not worried about transfer rumors, because he has expressed his determination to stay in the team. We have entered the Champions League, so we hope to continue working together. "

"Every time he walks on the field, he shows how much he cares about Inter."

Inter Milan has signed a strong support, that is Argentine teenager Lautaro Martinez, Zanetti said of this compatriot: "He is a young player with great potential. He has done very well in Argentina, but playing in Italy is not easy. He is only 20 years old. We have to keep him in the best condition."

"Martinez can play center and wing forwards. He is good at dribbling and helping the team without the ball. Very personal player."

Inter Milan currently has two renters, Rafinha and Cancelo, and they are working hard to negotiate with Barcelona and Valencia in order to make the two permanent transfers.


Both of them had a great time at Inter. Look at the tears Rafinha shed when the team played against Sassuolo. This shows that he knew immediately to wear Inter. What the shirt means. These negotiations are very difficult. It would be a shame not to see them play for Inter again, but we have to wait because there is still time."

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