Argentine rookie has the biggest nightmare in the cut

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Special correspondent Desheng reported on the first game of the Confederations Cup against Tunisia. Pekerman let Lukas, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Santana, Bernardi and other marginal players all start, perhaps Because of the first game, most of the rookies' performances were somewhat restrained. Compared with the long-established players of the national team, the gap between them was obvious. In fact, except for Lukes who played the entire game in the friendly match against Mexico in March this year, the other three played for the first time on behalf of the Argentine national team. The best performer among the four is Gonzalo Rodríguez, and goalkeeper Lukas' performance can only be described as a nightmare.

Goalkeepers have always been the main problem that plagued the Argentine team, from Philol and Goyechea to Roa, Boges and Caballero, although they have never lacked vividness. Pekerman’s Argentine team established Boca goalkeeper Abondan Sheri’s main position. The second and third substitutes are Franco and Lukas. Franco is in this position. At the beginning of the month, Lukas had a chance to prove himself because of frequent mistakes in the away game against Ecuador in the World Cup qualifiers. However, in just 90 minutes, except for two penalties that may be questionable, Lukas made the most impressive scene. It was in the second half that the ball passed the opponent forward with the sole of the foot and then inexplicably mispassed to the Tunisian striker Jamadi outside the penalty area. The latter missed the empty goal to save Lux from shame. In the 71st minute, Lukas was again shown a yellow card by referee Rossetti for defeating Jamadiya. In the subsequent penalty kick, Lukas was fooled by Jamadiya's fake action. "Those two penalties were misjudgments. I didn't touch the opposing player twice, but I felt pretty good after the game. After all, winning in such an important game was the first to win." Luxsay Said later in an interview with reporters in the mixed zone.

The "Ole" newspaper believed that the goal guarded by River Plate No. 2 goalkeeper Lukes was "insecure" at all, and determined that it is very difficult for Lukes to pose any threat to Abundan Cheri. It is not the first time that Lukes participated in a major competition. In the 2001 World Youth Championship in Argentina, Lukes was the main goalkeeper of the champion Argentina team. Unfortunately, the Argentine youth team at that time had too strong offensive power, making Lukes an outsider most of the time. , Of course, did not get the test it deserved. Judging from the performance of the World War I against Tunisia, Lukas seems to have been eating his money in the World Youth Championship in the past four years, and his progress has been very slow.

In addition to Lux’s repeated mistakes, Palermo midfielder Santana, who replaced Zanetti as a right midfielder, is also bleak. Compared with Zanetti, Santana lacks a clear style of play and always takes his place. Limited to the fixed area on the right side of the midfield, it often overlaps with Galletti in front and Gonzalo Rodriguez in the back. Santana, who debuted in San Lorenzo, was also a member of the Pekerman National Youth Team, but since moving to Palermo, due to not being reused, his level has gone from bad to worse.

Bernardi from Monaco played as a single midfielder in this field. He focuses on defense and connection with the frontcourt. Unlike Cambiasso, he often intervenes to organize attacks. In addition to being outnumbered by the opponent in the second half, he is outnumbered. Most of the time, it's still qualified. As for Villarreal's right back Gonzalo Rodríguez, he was obviously more adapted to the atmosphere of the game. The scene of a tackle from behind the opponent's striker in the first half was proof.


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