The transfer dynamics of FC Dynamo Moscow, Russia in the 2022 season

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Dynamo Moscow club manager Zinichev revealed in an interview:

The players confirmed to leave in the team: Natalia, Krimets, Shenshenni Na, Serban, Efimova, Kuznetsova, Orlova, Tarisheva.

New replacement players: Vasileva (Scandic), Begic (Monza), Simonenko (Proton), Polyakova (St. Petersburg), Liu Bushkina (come back), Haresskaya (Dinamo Krasnodar), Anufrienko (Chelyabinsk);

The renewed players are: Gonza Lova, Fetisova, Romanova, Enina, Krotkova, Bibina, Pospelova.

The lineup of Dynamo Moscow for the 2021-2022 season is as follows:

Main attack (4 players): Vasileva 🇧🇬, Begich 🇮🇹, Krotkova, Simonenko

Vice attack (4 people): Fetisova, Enina, Lyubushkina, Polyakova

Support (2 people): Gang Charova, Haresskaya

Setter (2 persons): Romanova, Anufrienko

Freeman (2 persons): Bibina, Persia Perova

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