Zanetti: Winning the Champions League is the best moment of my career. My love for Inter is endless

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Live it, April 12 News Inter Milan Vice President Zanetti said in an interview with Mexican media Tudn that no one is thinking about what When restarting the league, the most important thing is people's health. At the same time, Zanetti also said that his love for Inter is endless, because when he was not an Inter player, the club believed him very much.

"At present, no one is thinking about when to restart the league. The important thing is people’s health. You have to be very careful because the new crown virus is a very small thing. We hope that the situation will improve, but This takes time. It is very difficult to make the decision to continue to suspend the league. We are very cautious about making this decision, but always take people's health at heart."

Zanetti said Which photo perfectly illustrates his love for Inter Milan and football.

"I have a lot of photos in the restaurant. These photos and my family have witnessed these important moments. But the most representative one was the night at the Bernabéu, which was spent with my family The most beautiful moment of that night, we won the Champions League. My family was with me at important moments of my career, including Inter Milan fans. I will always keep this photo of the championship in my heart. "

Zanetti said that his love for Inter is endless.

"Yes, my love for Inter Milan is endless, because when I was not an Inter player, Inter Milan believed me very much, even if they didn't know me very well. My entire profession I have defended the blue and black striped shirt all my life. Now I am the vice chairman of Inter Milan. I always try to convey the values ​​of Inter Milan. Inter Milan is a great club with a long history internationally."

Sane Ti said that Brazilian striker Ronaldo suffered a serious injury while playing for Inter Milan, making fans all over the world sad.

"It was a very difficult and sad moment. We participated in the Coppa Italia semi-final match against Lazio. I remember how sad it was because the protagonist in the match was seriously injured. Seeing Ronaldo lying down Suffering so much pain on the ground, fans all over the world are sad. It is very difficult for him, because this is a serious injury, and it is difficult to accept such an injury, not only for him, but also The same is true for fans all over the world."

Zanetti also talked about why Juventus has dominated Serie A in recent years.

"Because Juventus is the most stable team for many years. We are at the beginning of an ambitious plan. Conte and the players are doing very well. We are very positive. At the moment, the league competition is very fierce and Inter Milan has the ability to remain competitive. It is vital to keep the team stable. Inter Milan has proved in every game that they can be heroes. The team always tries to win every game. . Sometimes you can win the game, sometimes you can’t, but this is football."



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