Europa final: Sevilla vs. Inter Milan, can Suning Inter win the cup as desired? _ competition

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Original title: Europa Final: Sevilla vs. Inter Milan, can Suning Inter win the cup as desired?

001 Europa Final: Sevilla vs Inter Milan

Competition time: 08-22 03:00

Yesterday 5 red 3, Ba Yue a total of 95 red 62!


Sevilla belongs to a team with its own host attributes in the Europa arena. In the Europa semi-finals, they reversed Manchester United and reached the final Although the scene was once passive, the team showed the perseverance of the King of Europa, withstood the frenzied pressure of the opponents, and seized the loopholes in Manchester United’s defense and made a final decision. Seville’s last 3 knockout games were even more important. Full of gold, they eliminated Wolves and Manchester United from the Premier League and Roma from Serie A in the three major leagues. Moreover, Sevilla won in the regular time in these three games. It can be seen that the team is both offensive and defensive. The performance of the end is very stable.

Although Inter Milan did not complete the blockade against Juventus in Serie A, the team’s performance in Europa this season is still worthy of recognition. In the semi-finals of the last round, Inter Milan was even 5:0. The big score swept the Ukrainian giants Shakhtar Donetsk. The team’s strikers Lukaku and Lautaro scored twice and their feet are full. Inter Milan’s Europa knockout road is relatively slower than Sevilla. It was much easier. Ludogorets, Getafe, Leverkusen and the miners did not bring much resistance to Inter Milan. The team scored 13 goals in 4 games and only conceded 2 goals. Offensively While the firepower is fierce, the defensive end is also solid enough and the state is very good.

There is no record of the historical confrontation between the two parties.

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[Red Road Analysis]

These two teams can enter the current Europa In the final finals of Milan, it can be said that everyone's hopes have come. Their promotion process is all the way through. They have won the battle, and the state of both sides has reached the climax. Setting up in a neutral position is already a big support. Although Inter Milan's reputation and lineup thickness are slightly better than Sevilla, Sevilla's promotion process is more convincing than Inter Milan, and as Europa The team that has won the most championships in history, Sevilla's attention will naturally not be lower than that of Inter Milan. Both teams have adjusted up and down, which is probably made by the data side when the funding side is tilted. Adjustment. If there is no further adjustment in the board, this game is still optimistic that Inter Milan, who is supported by the data side, will win the championship in the regular time, so on the whole, it is optimistic that Inter Milan will win the cup as desired.

Seville negative

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