The charm is extraordinary! If Inter Milan wins the Europa League, Zhang Kangyang will become the youngest champion chairman!

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In the early morning of August 18th, Beijing time, the 2019/20 season Europa League semi-finals ended. Inter Milan played well and defeated Ukrainian champion Shakhtar Donetsk 5-0 to advance to the final. They will compete with Sevilla The UEFA Champions League this season.

It is worth mentioning that although there are many issues to be dealt with, the chairman of Inter Milan Zhang Kangyang led the management team to Düsseldorf to be with the team, and the chairman’s supervision was also Received perfect results. Zhang Kangyang also embraced and celebrated with the team after the game, and took a selfie with great interest.

This is also the first opportunity for Suning Group to win the championship after the acquisition of Inter Milan. For Zhang Kangyang, if Inter Milan wins the cup, he will not only become the first in club history. The 11 chairmen who won the championship, and will become the youngest chairperson of the championship.

The last time Inter Milan advanced to the final of the European Championship was the 2009-10 UEFA Champions League. At that time, Mourinho's team defeated Bayern Munich in the final and painted a perfect match for that brilliant season. period. But it was from that time that Inter Milan missed the championship. Especially after the Indonesian Tohir became the president of Inter Milan, the strength of the Nerazzurri dropped again and again. Not only did the league performance decline year by year, but it also missed Europe for many years. Battle tournament.

In the summer of 2016, Inter Milan ushered in a historic moment. Suning Group announced the acquisition of Inter Milan, and the Nerazzurri also ushered in an opportunity for transformation. As the club’s chairman, Zhang Kangyang first got rid of the confinement of UEFA’s Fiscal Fairness Act through good commercial operations, and then began to strengthen in the transfer market. Last summer, Conte was invited, and Inter Milan also really recovered. .

"Gazzetta dello Sport" also praised the young Inter Milan president, "Although the 29-year-old Zhang Kangyang is a new face , But he is a charismatic chairman. He has the spirit of Inter Milan. Although he is a bit introverted, he has the courage to take responsibility. This makes his every attack effective. Just like his bombardment of the Serie A chairman during the epidemic. Same."

Today, Inter Milan has won the final of the Europa League, and the Nerazzurri have also ushered in nearly 10 The chance to win the championship for the first time this year means that the 29-year-old Zhang Kangyang has a great chance to become the youngest president of Inter Milan's history. It is believed that all the soldiers of Inter Milan will do their best in the finals to reach the perfect end of the season and at the same time give Zhang Kangyang a gift.

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