Football match predictions on August 27: Russian Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A (contains score views) _ matches

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Bundesliga B: Nuremberg vs Karlsruhe

Nuremberg is strong at home

Nuremberg as a Bundesliga lifter This year is the third consecutive year that the team has stayed in the Bundesliga League since its relegation from the 2018 to 2019 season. The head coach of the team is 36-year-old Klaus. This season is his second season with the team. At the beginning of the new season, it can be seen that Nuremberg focused entirely on the defensive end. The first 4 games achieved 1 wins and 3 draws, and three of the four games had zero opponents. The defensive end only lost 2 goals. The current team is located The 6th place in the standings. This season may also be due to excessive emphasis on defense, leading to a slight weakness on the offensive end. In the five main games of the new season, the first half of the five games cannot score a goal, and the offensive state is slower. However, this game will come to its own home game, which is very good news for Nuremberg, because the team is very good at home games, in the cross-season home games Nuremberg has not lost 10 consecutive home games.

Karlsruhe defensively enters the state very quickly

Up It was a pity that Karlsruhe last season, in the critical stage of the competition for promotion places, was thrown off by Hamburg and Düsseldorf one after another. You must know that after the 24th round, the team was only behind and only 3 points behind the third place. Yes, this season, under the leadership of team coach Christian, the main goal of the team is still to upgrade. This season’s game performance also proved this. After the last round of league 0-0 boring Werder Bremen, the new season's 5 main games played an unbeaten score of 3 wins and 2 draws. During this period, there were 5 consecutive games. He was able to seal his opponents in the first half and entered the state very quickly on the defensive end, and his overall competitive state was quite excellent. And Karlsruhe is also very good in away combat ability. In the 10 away games across the season, the team only lost 1 game, and the away combat power is extremely strong.

Point of view: Although the two teams are similar in strength to the current situation, they are on the same side in the historical confrontation. Karlsruhe has played against Nuremberg in the past 6 times. Achieved 2 draws and 4 losses, without winning in a row, facing the old opponents in this game again, there will be a certain psychological shadow. And this game Nuremberg is still sitting on the home advantage, you must know that Nuremberg's home stadium has always been very stable, so this game may wish to look forward to Nuremberg at its home stadium can have a good performance! Score: 1 to 0, 2 to 1, 2 to 0, half-time: win wins, draw wins

La Liga: Mallorca vs. Espanyol

Mallorca’s style is more conservative

Last season, 24 league wins Mallorca, with 10 draws and 8 losses, is a dream start to the new season, with 1 win and 1 draw in two rounds and remains unbeaten. However, in the first two games of the new season, the overall style of the team is relatively conservative, with only 1 goal in the two rounds, and last season’s main striker, Abdun, is still unacceptable and has not found his personal status. You can see. This season, Mallorca is still focusing on the defensive end. It is worth mentioning that after winning the last round of the league, Mallorca has been unbeaten for 8 consecutive rounds across the season, and the overall state is very good. And in the last 9 league home games with 7 wins and 2 draws unbeaten results, the momentum at home is also quite strong.

The Spaniard's offensive end is slightly weak.

As one of the best defensive teams in La Liga and Mallorca, this season also focuses on the defensive end of the work. After tying Villarreal with a score of 0-0 in the second round of the new season of La Liga, the team ended 0-0 in both games of the new season. The defensive ability is extremely good, it belongs to the state where I can not score and you don't even think about scoring. Although the defensive ability is good, the state on the offensive end has to be worried. At present, the Spaniard has scored no more than 2 goals in 9 consecutive games. Compared with the excellent state of the defensive end, the offensive end is actually slightly weak. At present, the Spaniard has scored 2 points and is temporarily ranked 9th.

Point of view: The first duel of two defensive masters, this game will definitely not lack heat. Although Mallorca is the newly promoted team of this season, Mallorca is really better than the Spaniards in recent games, and the team's performance at home has always been stable and guaranteed. , But in view of the statistics and there is no better Mallorca to support, so the score in this game might as well look forward to the Spaniard can remain unbeaten in the away game, and even win points! Score: 0 to 0 1 to 1 0 to 1, half-time: tied, tied

Serie A: Verona vs. Inter Milan

Verona’s lineup is damaged

Verona has won in team history Once a Serie A championship, but it is a long time ago, in the 1980s. This year's off-season team recruitment is not small, on the basis of retaining the original main lineup of last season, relative reinforcement for the midfield and backcourt, the overall strength has not decreased compared with last season. However, at the start of the new season, Verona was unlucky. Not only did it lose 2-3 at home to Sassuolo and suffered a black start to the new season, but the team’s main midfielder, Veroso, unfortunately became red. Lost his wife and broke down. Although the team scored 5 goals in two games in the new season, the team lost 3 goals on the defensive end in the first game. There are still many problems in the back defense.

Inter Milan’s recent consecutive victory

Although this summer, the international Milan lost a number of main players, including Lukaku, but it can be seen that the team did not seem to have been affected. Inter Milan's new season this year can be described as smooth sailing. Not only did they win consecutive warm-up matches, but also successfully defeated Genoa in the first game of Serie A with a big score of 4-0 at home and got a good start. At present, both offensive and defensive ends of the team are at their peak. In the previous warm-up matches and the past five games, the team scored a total of 17 goals on the offensive end. It was won by an opponent with zero seals, and the quality of the back line was also solid.

Point of view: The strength gap between the two sides is too great. As the evergreen tree of Serie A, Inter Milan has been able to achieve good results in the league in recent years. Although Verona is also established for a long time, Compared with the old and spicy Inter Milan, there is still a gap. And in terms of historical battles, Verona also lost both home and away to Inter Milan last season. The recent state is that Inter Milan has more advantages. Therefore, Inter Milan successfully won the second victory of the new season in this game. expect! Score: 0 to 3 1 to 3 0 to 2

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