Today's lottery recommendation: real singles, 2 strings and 1 harvest 10.88W, with analysis of La Liga matches included! _ competition

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Original title: Today’s Stakes Recommendation: Real Odds, 2 Strings and 1 Gain 10.88W, with analysis of La Liga matches included!

Good afternoon everyone, I’m Lao Feng, I’m very happy to meet you here. I have loved football for many years. Basically, I will pay attention to the game. I also have my own experience of winning the game. Welcome everyone to talk to me (xiy1231) Official Account: Aisi Watching the Ball Practice is the only criterion for testing truth! Okay, not much. Let’s take a look.

Premier League Southampton VS West Ham United

Match time: 2021-09-11 22:00:00

Stadium: St. Mary's Stadium


Southampton’s start of the new season can only be said It’s normal, after all, after three rounds of England’s overtaking, the Saints are still hard to find. They only got two draws, but the Saints are not bad in terms of gold content. After all, one of the two draws was won by the giants Manchester United. , The difficulty is conceivable. Another draw was when Newcastle tied the opponent twice in the predicament of being behind twice. It was also not easy. It can be seen that the Saints may not have much offensive and defensive ends. Well, especially after Danny Ince left the team, it did have a lot of impact on the team, but from a spiritual perspective, the Saints have a strong tenacity and a spirit of not admitting defeat.

West Ham United:

West Ham United has a wonderful start to the new season. Not only did it beat the mountain with two big victories, but it also had a six-game winning streak including the warm-up match. The accidental draw by Crystal Palace in the last round led to the end of the winning streak, but the strength of the team still cannot be underestimated. After all, the terrible firepower of 10 goals in three games is unavoidable to change to any team. If you are not careful, you may be upset by them.

Comprehensive analysis:

At present, there is still a gap in the strength of the two sides. As soon as Mu United came, they had a strong foundation, but the Saints did not have no chance to grab points. On the one hand, their recent performance has recovered. Even pinging Manchester United and Newcastle is a good start. On the other hand, Although West Ham United has fierce frontcourt firepower, its defense is relatively weak. It has conceded goals in the past three matches. In addition, it has a conservative attitude towards West Ham United in terms of statistics and did not give enough concessions. There is a state of weakness, so this game may wish to cold-beat the Saints to continue to hold the tie stubbornly.

Stakes reference: draw win

Goals: 2, 4 goals

Score reference: 2-2, 1-1

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