Serie A live broadcast: Juventus vs AC Milan in the four key battles, Cristiano Ronaldo leads the Zebras against Ibrahimovic's Rossoneri

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At 02:45, May 10, 2021, Beijing time, the 35th round of the 2020-2021 Italian Football League is about to start. AC Milan will go to the Allianz Arena in Turin to face Juventus. This game is extremely critical for both teams. Both sides currently have the same points, and if there is a slight mistake, they will fall out of the Europa League qualifiers. Therefore, Juventus and AC Milan will play their best in this match. Which of the two teams can win this game and seize the opportunity to compete for next season's Champions League qualification? let us wait and see!

Match against: Juventus vs AC Milan

Match time: 2021-05-10 02:45


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Juventus have a record of 20 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses in 26 league games. The team performed very well. They defeated Udinese 2-1 in the last round of away games. They have been unbeaten in 3 consecutive rounds recently, but the team Looking at the recent situation, the state is somewhat average, and the defense is no longer comparable to the past few seasons. At present, Juventus is currently ranked third in the Serie A standings with 69 points, but only leads 5th Naples by 2 points, the Champions League The qualifications are not strong, so the team must fight for victory in the remaining 4 league rounds.

[AC Milan]

AC Milan currently only leads 5th place by 2 points. Consolidating the Champions League qualification is full of fighting spirit. So far this season, the league has scored 40 points away, far better than the home court's 29 points. The midfielder Czarhanoglu has been in a good state of scoring goals recently, and ended the game after defeating Benevento in the last round. Defeated. AC Milan currently has a record of 10 wins, 6 draws and 10 losses in 26 league games. The team has a mediocre performance, accumulating 36 points and ranking seventh in the league. The team is 2 points away from Naples in the European theater.

[Game Analysis]

Both Juventus and AC Milan have 69 points. Naples, which is only 2 points higher than fifth place, threatened the qualifications of the two teams in the Champions League, and the desire of the two teams to grab points is very strong. Combining the strength of the two teams, Juventus has the advantage, and Juventus is home in this game. Against AC Milan. In terms of track record, Juventus has scored 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss against AC Milan in the past 10 scenes. It can be said that Juventus is simply the nemesis of AC Milan.

[Expected starting]

Juventus (442): Szczynski/Dani Lo, Delicht, Chiellini, Sandro/Quadrado, Bentancur, Rabio, Chiesa/C Ronaldo, Morata

AC Milan ( 4231): Donnarumma/Calabria, Kayar, Tomori, Special Olympics/Benasser, Casey/Diaz, Charhanoglu, Salmakos/Ibrahimovic


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