PP Sports broadcasts the Europa League final on the whole network, Inter Milan challenge Sevilla Europa League myth

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The Europa League final is about to begin. Sevilla reversed Manchester United in the semifinals and advanced to the Europa League final for the sixth time. The European Championship final is only one step away from returning to glory. The two teams will decide the UEFA Champions League this season at 3 o'clock in the morning on August 22, Beijing time. PP Sports will also broadcast HD live broadcasts for fans on PC, APP and OTT (Poly Sports).

In history

Inter Europa League, Inter Milan won the Europa League three times in the 1990s Champion, won the Champions League trophy in 2010, this promotion is Inter Milan's first Champions League final after a lapse of ten years. After ten years of unemployed wages, Inter Milan's desire for the Champions League and fighting intentions have reached an unparalleled level. If it wins, this will be the Nerazzurri’s first championship in the past 10 years, and also the first championship trophy after Suning took over. This trophy will become a symbol of the former Serie A giants regaining their glory, and it will also become a gift to the world. Our best gift.

I have to say that since Suning took over Inter Milan in 2016, the Nerazzurri’s performance on the court has continued to make breakthroughs. In Serie A, Inter Milan has been in the top four of the league for several consecutive years. This season's runner-up results, only 1 point behind Serie A overlord Juventus. In the UEFA Champions League, Inter Milan has returned to the UEFA Champions League for the first time in 6 years, and has entered the UEFA Champions League for three consecutive years. Last year, the famous coach Conte was introduced to coach the team. He invested heavily in the transfer market and successively signed Lukaku, Eriksson, Sanchez and other players. Whether it is the parent company Suning or Inter Milan, they undoubtedly hope to win the championship.

But it is not easy for Inter Milan to win this game. Sevilla is undoubtedly the leader of the Europa League. They reached the Europa League final 5 times and won the Cup 5 times. The final winning rate is 100%. This La Liga powerhouse is also the team that has won the most championships in the history of the Europa League, so the Europa League is also dubbed the Sevilla Cup by fans.

Judging from the recent record, Inter Milan and Sevilla have remained undefeated in the past 10 games, and Inter Milan has won 6 consecutive games. Seville's precise counterattack based on bite defense is very likely to pose a substantial threat to Inter. Inter Milan's offensive end is also extremely strong. Forwards Lukaku and Lautaro both have good scoring ability. The fire delivery of midfielders Eriksson, Brozovic and Barrera is also very penetrating. Therefore, in this battle, a fierce battle is inevitable, and who will live and die is quite suspenseful. ,

So, is it better for Inter Milan to return to glory, or Sevilla, the king of Europa League? Advantage? At 03:00 on August 22, PP Sports will lock in and announce the suspense. Liu Teng and He Yu will partner with Qiangwei's sister Liu Chang to bring game commentary. At the same time, Chen Wensen will bring another Cantonese commentary.

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