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Beijing time 2113 8 month 25th 20: 5261 30, 2018 Asia Women's National Games 1/4 finals continue 4102, the Chinese women's football team 5-0 victory 1653 Thailand Women's football advances to the back four strong. Wang Shuang staged a sub-trick, Xiao Yuyi and Gu Yasha each scored a goal, and Han Peng sent two assists. The Chinese women's football team will face the Chinese Taipei women's football team in the semifinals.

In the first round of the group stage, the Chinese team beat Hong Kong, China 7-0. In the second round, China beat Tajikistan 16-0. In the third round, they beat their rival North Korea 2-0 to qualify as the group leader. The Thailand team was lucky to advance to the quarterfinals. In the Foshan Women's Four Nations Invitational Tournament in January and the Women's Asian Cup in April, the Chinese team and the Thailand team have played against each other 3 times. The Chinese women's team won 2-1, 4-0 and 3-1 respectively.

Both sides start and substitutions:

Chinese Women's Football: (4-4-2) 1-Zhao Lina; 4-Lou Jiahui, 5-Wu Haiyan, 8-Li Jiayue (89'5-Lin Yuping) ), 2-Han Peng (89'3-Huang Yini); 7-Wang Shuang, 20-Zhang Rui, 16-Yang Lina brigade hail shed, 17-Gu Yasha; 10-Li Ying (55'15-Xiao Yuyi), 11- Wang Shanshan

Thailand Women's Football: (5-4-1) 18-Sukanya Subdivision; 2- Kanyana Bonn, 3-Nathakarn (73'17-Tanigan), 5-Enorn, 9-Valyoni, 10-Sunisa; 6-Pikul, 7-Slavan, 12-Latkan (50'21-Gansi Majana), 19-Pete Samay; 15-Nipahwan


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