Join hands with the 2021 Fernles Bodybuilding Competition to make the brand "exposed" and become popular

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2021 China Sports Expo·Fernles Bodybuilding and Fitness Bikini Contest

The competition is in full swing.

Join hands with China's head bodybuilding competitions

Begin the industry's flourishing age and become the focus of thousands of people

Let the brand "expose" and become a dazzling industry

China Sports Expo·Fernles Bodybuilding and Fitness Bikini Contest

Not just an event platform

It is also a super industry ecology

Integrating fitness and bodybuilding Fields

Numerous resources from upstream to downstream to the public

On-site resources:

The competition is in the China International Sporting Goods Expo, where more than a thousand brands gather every year Exhibiting here, strong cooperation-channel expansion-resource sharing.

Human resources:

Hundreds of athletes gathered for this event. They are all looking forward to signing a brand. These athletes are professionals at the top of the pyramid.

Internet celebrity resources:

All major million-level Internet celebrities are focusing on this place. As a Chinese head fitness event, it will surely attract major fitness celebrities to come here to check in.

Promotional resources:

The competition builds a large-capacity media matrix, before and after the game, the whole network picture-video-tweet promotion coverage, the game Douyin, Kuaishou official platform live broadcast the whole process, The brand vision is exposed in all directions.

Brand alliance builds fitness industry matrix

The China Sports Expo·Fernles Bodybuilding Bikini Contest has been successfully held for four consecutive years, and the fifth year is on the line. Credit for the success of the event A sponsor who has supported the development of the competition for many years.

The brand combination, from the combination of appearance to the deep interior. There have been many attempts in quantity and joint means. The expansion of the number of brands can produce diversified forms of cooperation according to their respective brands' tonality, which in turn will occupy the minds of users and achieve brand profits. In the final analysis, multi-party win-win is the most successful result of brand co-branding.

And at this moment, I just want to be your strongest partner and become your outlet. 2021 China Sports Expo·Fernles Bodybuilding and Fitness Bikini Competition, I believe we will be able to collide with passion sparks!


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