This year's first domestic bodybuilding competition came to Chongqing, and "Night of the Mountain City" was staged this Saturday

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On the afternoon of January 8, a reporter from Upstream News·Chongqing Morning News learned from the first "Night of the Mountain City" bodybuilder and Miss Bikini night pre-match technical meeting that the competition will be On the evening of the 9th, it was held in Sunac Cultural Tourism City, Shapingba District. The event included men's traditional fitness, classical fitness, fitness, and women's bikinis. More than 160 bodybuilders from Chongqing and all over the country will participate.

Wu Hanbin is interviewed

"This competition It is to actively promote the process of national fitness and promote cultural exchanges between Chongqing and external fitness and fitness sports", said Wu Hanbin, chairman of Chongqing Wu Hanbin Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the organizer of the event, "This competition also made the first shot of China's bodybuilding competition this year. Despite the impact of the epidemic, more than 70% of the athletes who signed up for the competition are foreign players. We have also taken various epidemic prevention measures to ensure the safe running of the competition."

Wu Hanbin has won the Chongqing Bodybuilding Competition and the IFBB Professional Qualification Championship. He is also the disciple of Qian Jicheng, China’s first bodybuilding world champion and Doha Asian Games champion. Qian Jicheng initiated and founded one of China's famous fitness competitions "Jicheng Bodybuilding Night" in Sanya in 2011. It has been successfully held for nine times and has become a business card of Sanya sports events.

Wu Hanbin himself is a bodybuilding star who came out of "Jicheng Night", "Mr. Qian has always been a role model for me, so I want to pass this time The opportunity to do something for Chongqing’s bodybuilding industry."

Wu Hanbin introduced that, different from the outdoor competition in Sanya, the "Night of the Mountain City" will be held indoors, and After the 15-meter T stage, the athletes who enter the finals will appear from the stage lifts and display their bodies in the form of walking on the T stage. In order to ensure the fairness, justice, and openness of the game, the finals will be voted. In the form of a screen, the referee's scoring results are synchronized on-site.

The international bodybuilding referee Zhang Jian explains the precautions to the participants

The reporter saw at the scene that Zhang Jian, a national bodybuilding champion and an international bodybuilding referee, was invited as the chief referee for this competition. He also explained the competition to the participants through the action demonstrations of several bodybuilders on the scene. Following the scoring rules and precautions, more than 160 athletes who participated in the competition conducted on-site inspection and weighing.

One ​​of the founders of Chongqing bodybuilding, Mr. Li Qisheng, 80, also came to the scene to cheer for the event. "Xiao Wu held this event in Chongqing, from preparation to Organizations are not easy. This will not only enable Chongqing bodybuilders to realize their dreams at home, but also allow more young people to participate, make progress together, promote the development of the industry, and promote the in-depth development of national fitness."

Upstream News·Chongqing Morning News reporter Tang Hao

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