2020 China Bodybuilding Professional Elite League Shanghai Station July 4th Competition Results

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Men's Fitness Model Group A: Champion No. 310 Lin Sheng

Lin Sheng

Men's Fitness Model Group B: Champion No. 330 Classic; runner-up No. 331 Yang Xiao

The top three men's fitness models

Men's fitness model Group C: Champion No. 356 Wang Ruishan

Wang Ruishan

Women's Fitness Model Group A: Champion No. 463 Shi Fan

Women Fitness Model A Group Winners

Women Fitness Model B Group: Champion 469 Tang Yuanyuan

Women's Fitness Model B Group Winners

Women's Fitness Model Group C: Champion No. 481 Zhao Wanyu

Women Fitness model C group winners

Traditional bodybuilding 65kg class: champion No. 101 Deng Liming

Traditional bodybuilding 65kg class Top three

Traditional bodybuilding 70 kg class: champion 134 Feng Weimin; runner-up No. 133 Li Xiaopeng

Men’s traditional bodybuilding 70 kg

Traditional Bodybuilding 75kg Class: Champion 139

Traditional Bodybuilding 75kg Class Top Three


Traditional bodybuilding 80 kg class: champion No. 153 Zhang Letian

Top three traditional bodybuilding 80 kg class

Traditional bodybuilding above 80 kg: champion No. 169 Wang Kun; runner-up No. 161 Wang Hua; third runner-up No. 163 Fan Youzhi

Traditional bodybuilding 80 The top three in the kilogram and above class

Classical Bodybuilding Group 171-175: Champion No. 39 Chen Liguo

Classical Bodybuilding 171-175 Top three in the group

Classical Bodybuilding 175-180 Group: Champion No. 75 Chang Lu Mako

Classical Bodybuilding 175-180 The top three in the group

Classical bodybuilding 180 or more group: champion No. 81 Wang Qing

The top three in the classical bodybuilding 180 or more group First name

Women's Physique Group A: Champion No. 434 Ke Qian

The top three women's Physique Group A

Women's Physique Group B: Champion No. 444 Wu Yiqing

Women's Physique Group B Top 3


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