"Kingdan Data" | PK of 337 cities: Who is the number one city for sports and fitness? _ Shanghai

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In addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, which are at the top, new first-tier cities such as Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Suzhou follow closely behind.

After rapid development in recent years, the momentum of the fitness industry is still unabated,

especially in many second- and third-tier cities, their work pace and consumption structure make their per capita disposable income And the time is not lower than the first-tier cities, but there is still a blue ocean in the corresponding market.

In addition to the total number of sports venues, the proportion of gyms can directly reflect the marketization level of sports and fitness in a city.

The proportion of gyms in sports venues in each city is close to 40, that is, At least nearly half of the experiential sports consumption of a city resident occurs in commercial gyms.

The remaining 60%+ includes various types of stadiums, ball sports, swimming pools, etc. Although some of them overlap with the functions of the gym, this part of the stadiums has cultivated the public's sports to a certain extent Habits, from the perspective of the long-term development of the gym, the more abundant the sports venues, the more beneficial it is to the fitness industry!

Judging from the prevailing economic laws in the world,

When the per capita income of residents reaches a certain scale, sports consumption will also show a corresponding scale.

However, from these data, in addition to Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and even more new first-tier cities still have not reached the corresponding per capita income in sports and fitness consumption. standard.

The entire sports fitness market is far from the expected average in terms of the number of venues and the abundance of venues.

The reason is, on the one hand, the per capita working hours of Chinese urban residents, and more likely it is The special operating model of Chinese gyms.

In the previous stage,

the gym operation model based on sales, new innovation and expansion made the entire fitness industry’s operating format show a vicious development trend, and also restricted Increased consumption growth. Nowadays, the birth of

a new type of gym returning to content and services has curbed the decline of the industry to a certain extent, and has further stimulated the increase in demand.

When the era of more transparent markets comes, perhaps more cities will usher in a new round of fitness Taking advantage of this opportunity, entering the venue in time, and seizing this blue ocean as soon as possible will also become the most urgent needs of many new gyms.

Since the launch of the Kendan Campaign, it has achieved the layout of

22 provinces and 80 metropolitan areas in the country. The efficient expansion speed, timely and stable logistical support has made Kendan Sports have emerged in the field of smart gyms!

We sincerely look forward to more outstanding partners to join us to open a new era of Internet + smart fitness!

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