CBA and CUBA players come to the gym! Build a mighty body with CrossFit, which is being practiced all over the world _ physical training

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Through various trainings of CrossFit

Can significantly improve the medical profession recognized

10 items The most critical physical functions

are aerobic endurance, flexibility

balance, speed

Explosive power, precision, anaerobic endurance

coordination, Flexibility and absolute strength

Another major advantage of using CrossFit training is

You can eat and drink whatever you like

It will not strictly limit your diet

As long as you can move, that's enough!

Crossfit brings great results

Let the U.S. Marine Corps, NBA

Professional baseball teams all use CrossFit as their core physical training method

Popular prospective basketball training camp

Of course, CrossFit is also used for training

Plus Xiamen University because of this physical training method

The progress shown

The quasi person wants to give everyone a chance

Come and experience this high-efficiency training mode

This is the idea of ​​building a gym

Fitness and sports rehabilitation Center

Just like this was born

Please come here today Friends of

CrossFit Candy

Give you a thorough understanding of the quasi-fitness!

Hello everyone, I am Tangtang

Thank you, father, for the opportunity!

I will recognize you as a godfather next time I have the opportunity~

The address of our quasi-skills fitness is selected in

Xiamen City Siming District

Building E, Datang Center, 1999 Luling Road

because Located in the center of Datang

So the transportation is convenient and the environment is beautiful

There are more than 1,000 parking spaces here

Tangtang believes that it is definitely enough to meet your needs

Thoroughly solve the problem of parking difficulties


Our gym has an industrial design style

In addition to the panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass

Training on the basketball court

It’s almost NBA Level treatment

(similar to the new Celtics training hall)

Do this The purpose is to

help you in the most comfortable environment

enjoy the explosion of the whole body

release your inner beast!

As the main training base for CF

We advocate the integration of medical and health

Introduce a professional team of doctors and coaches

Complete rehabilitation facilities and complete training programs

Equipped with the first black technology unpowered treadmill in Xiamen

When Tangtang first went there


There is no way to run on it for 10 minutes!

(Quietly forced)

People over 30 also love sports

Generally, they have injuries!

We use the leading rehabilitation technology and equipment in Europe and the United States

Advocate one-hour strength training

One-hour rehabilitation therapy model

Exercise maintenance and rehabilitation for everyone

Treat the symptoms and cure the root cause!

The moment the massage gun is pressed down

You can only shout the word "Cool! ”

Here to retain the original American physical training

According to the performance and role of physical fitness in different groups of people

Divided into strength, speed, endurance

Coordination, flexibility, agility, etc.

According to the different sports of each person Performance ability

Carry out short-board strengthening training!

Tangtang has regained the feeling of 18 years old here!

There are also large Pilates equipment designed for women

Provide postpartum shaping and rehabilitation for special groups

Joint injury and small muscle group training

Almost all sugar and sugar are stuck here!

Of course! There is still basketball here.

Quanzhe Fitness provides small basketball classes

Don’t stop at basketball literacy training

Targeted improvement training, tactical coordination

Increase the fun of the course

Improve your shortcomings and plan your career

Come to the quasi-skilled fitness and sugar candies to fight the bullfight!

Build a gym closer to basketball

The quasi person is serious!

This time we will completely change the industry tradition

Reject the bundled sales routine

Everything here is just for perfection Your body

It’s no longer a coach to measure data for you

Let a professional doctor give you exercise guidance

According to the doctor’s profession I trained for a while

Tangtang’s body feels full of vitality!

In the mostFitness on the side of the beautiful court

Enjoy the double impact brought by basketball and fitness

Experience the purest American culture up close

Experience the darkest technology sports equipment

Enjoy the popular CrossFit training around the world

This time, we will help you one-stop satisfaction!

Okay, Tangtang, I won’t tell you anymore

Three o'clock this afternoon

The male gods of Xiamen University Men’s Basketball Team will work out together here

Tangtang is going to watch the heroes of the male gods up close!

Welcome everyone to come and watch together

Experience the most authentic American sports culture

Come Quanzhe Fitness and Sports Rehabilitation Center

In the wind and rain, sugar and sugar are waiting for you

Quickly scan Tangtang WeChat

Have fun with Tangtang!

Next week we will also launch heavyweight activities

The money for buying clothes is next Saturday (December) 1st)

Come to the scene with the TEE of the gymnasium

All the money will be refunded to you! ! ! !

I will also give you a lottery code! ! !

Let me tell you against the risk of being dismissed

20 half-year cards are ready to be sent in one go go out!

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