Of the ten strong women who are famous in the world of sports, which type do you love?

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As mankind enters the new century, muscular and powerful women have increasingly become one of the most eye-catching scenery in the world sports arena. The beauty of their strength and strength on the field has broken. In the past, people’s traditional aesthetics has brought an unprecedented visual impact to the colorful sports competitions, and has also been loved and welcomed by many sports enthusiasts. In order to better let the veterans understand the demeanor of those sports goddesses, the author comprehensively considers strength, body shape, muscular development, confrontation and other aspects, and selects ten powerful female athletes in today's sports world to introduce to everyone. They come from weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, track and field throwing, tennis and other events. They are not only the top masters in their respective fields, but they are also Internet celebrities with both strength and beauty. Let us work together now. Go and admire these sturdy sonorous roses!

One: Valerie Adams (New Zealand) is known as the "Big Mac" in the women's throwing world

This woman, known as the most powerful woman in the women's throwing world, comes from New Zealand, the land of white clouds. She is 1.96 meters tall and weighs 120 kilograms. She is a mixture of whites and Tongans. Her younger brother is Steven Adams, a well-known rebounding monster in the NBA (2.13 meters tall and his mother is a Maori). This shot put champion, once known as the "Female Bolt in the throwing world," has achieved a magical record of 60 consecutive victories, and is the only shot put queen in the world's women's track and field who has won the championship in all the Diamond Leagues. If it weren't for her If he retires due to injury, the Chinese star Gong Lijiao may have no future.

Two: Cindy Landolt (Switzerland) is known as the "Swiss Tower"

Cindy is one of the most popular internet celebrities in the world of fitness and a famous fitness coach. She is 1.77 meters tall and weighs 85 kilograms. She has won the Swiss bodybuilding championship many times. She has practiced volleyball, gymnastics, tennis and other sports. She combines wild and mighty, domineering and sexy. She is one of the perfect bodybuilders most respected by European and American women. , Has millions of loyal fans all over the world.

Three: Natalia Truxina (Russia), the world champion of powerlifting, is known as "King Kong Barbie"

Truxina, the beautiful King Kong girl from the fighting nation of Russia, is called As one of the most powerful women in the world, although she is only 1.68 meters tall, she weighs 95 kilograms (up to 114 kilograms in non-season), with an arm circumference of 47 cm, a waist circumference of 76 cm, and a thigh circumference of 71 cm. Her strength is amazing: deadlift 240 kg, bench press 170 kg, and can easily lift a strong adult man with both hands. In front of this majestic world powerlifting champion, most men probably only feel terrified, right? !

Four: Yulia Vince (Russia), the world's professional weightlifter, known as the "weightlifter Barbie"

Compared with Truxina above, the weight is two times smaller The weightlifting powerlifting world champion Vince is also from Russia. The beauty who weighs only 60 kilograms looks exactly like my country’s Xinjiang star Di Lieba, but her slightly petite body contains amazing power. She can easily use her arms. Clamshell watermelon, bench press can reach 112.5 kg, squat 205 kg, clean and jerk 165 kg, such terrifying power makes most men sigh with excitement!

Five: Tang Gonghong (China) World’s No. 1 Hercules in Women’s Weightlifting

The Chinese weightlifter Tang Gonghong, who won the 100th Olympic gold medal in history for our country, is a well-known great powerlifter in our country and a Chinese athlete. A model of winning glory for the country with life. At the 2004 Athens Olympics, she broke the world record of 140.5 kg for snatch and 167.5 kg for clean and jerk, and became the veritable first female wrestler in the world. The weight of the last hand of clean and jerk far exceeded her usual training load. The internal organs were severely damaged, the seven orifices bleeds after the game, and they were rushed to the hospital to save their lives. Such a female athlete with a strong sense of honor is rare in today's world sports.

Six: Sikarna .Krizman (Switzerland) Queen of European Bodybuilding

The Swiss athlete Sicana, known as the "King Kong Giant", is a famous European bodybuilding champion. She has been trained in judo and boxing since she was a child. Participated in many weightlifting competitions, tempered an amazing muscle: domineering biceps, perfect cloud back, leg muscles with clear lines, no matter from which point of view, her muscle lines and shapes are acceptable. It is called an excellent work of art in the women's bodybuilding industry.

Seven: Serena Williams (USA) is the number one woman in women’s tennis, known as the "Black Pearl"

Williams, also known as "Serena," she and her sister Venus Williams Si is a famous sister in the world of tennis. She is 1.75 meters tall and has a sexy and strong body. She is the most outstanding representative of violent tennis. She has the most outstanding physical strength and strongest muscles in the history of women’s tennis. She relies on serving and one serve. Scoring these two powerful weapons sweeps the tennis world and has become the most dominant female tennis player in the past two decades. The 23 women's singles and 14 women's doubles grand slams fully prove that she is in the history of world tennis. One of the greatest female athletes.

Eight: Elise Kohler (USA), the first woman in bodybuilding, is known as "the male version of Ronnie Cullman in the bodybuilding industry"

Thick hair, sparse stubble, low With her voice, the extremely masculine woman who appeared in front of us was selected by the International Bodybuilding Federation as the most successful female bodybuilding champion in history, Kohler. She has the most scary muscles and the most prominent title in the history of women’s bodybuilding. In her professional bodybuilding career, she has won the title of Miss Olympia 11 times and Miss World Bodybuilding 6 times. She is a well-deserved king of women's bodybuilding. Years and months of overload training and the use of a large number of hormone drugs have made her appearance more masculine. She and the Asian bodybuilding champion and Japanese athlete Yamagishi have formed the world's most visually stunning bodybuilding couples. (Picture below)

Nine: Gaby Garcia ( Brazil) Known as the "Female Tyson in the MMA Fighting World"

The Brazilian female player Garcia, 1.92 meters tall and 110 kilograms, is known as the most powerful female mixed martial arts in the world today Athlete, she is powerful, brave and muscular. She is invincible in the field of women's mixed martial arts. She has always won all the competitions she has participated in. None of the players against her can last until the end of the two rounds. He has won 6 World Women's Jiu-Jitsu champions in his career, won 3 World Fighting Championships, and is currently playing in the Rizin Fighting League of Japan.

Ten: Ji Yeonok (Korea) "Lolita Face Muscle Girl" in women’s classical bodybuilding industry

The Korean Internet celebrity Ji Yeonok with exquisite features and long hair is the most popular audience in the women’s bodybuilding industry. A favorite bodybuilding star, she is 1.75 meters tall, weighs 85 kilograms (non-season weight 102 kilograms), arm circumference reaches 42 cm, and has perfect and clear eight-pack abs. As a national bodybuilding champion, she is the first to win the IFBB career Korean women with a bodybuilding card won the women's championship in the World Classic Bodybuilding Competition held in Europe in 2013.

The above ten people are the strongest women with the most visual impact in the sports world today. Which one is your favorite and most admired female man? The old irons are welcome to express their views and opinions. I am a boiling sports world, thank you for reading, liking, commenting and paying attention!


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