Chinese women's basketball team ushered in a breakthrough in the inside line, the 45-point giant gradually emerged, is expected to lead the team to win the Olympics? _ Competition

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Then we come to the second aspect, in fact, when we look back at the previous CUBA finals. Then, Liu Yutong, who won the MVP, even scored 45 points and 9 rebounds in a single game. So we can see from this that her personal single-core leadership ability is actually very powerful, and she is on the inside, relying on her very strong inside ability and excellent frame protection ability, then in the next game , She will definitely help the Chinese women's basketball team to hold up the sky in the interior. And once the Chinese women's basketball team gets the assistance of this super insider, it will attract more attention in the next game.

Until the current game, we can understand that, in fact, the Chinese women’s basketball team has always been very popular in previous games. Concerned, and in the international arena, the Chinese women's basketball team also won the championship. However, when it comes to the Olympic Games championship, if the Chinese women's basketball team wants to win the first gold medal, it is indeed a goal that everyone is very eager to achieve. So for the next Tokyo Olympic Games, it is a good opportunity to realize your dream goal. And when we look back on the previous Chinese women's basketball team, in fact, it is generally not dominant in the interior, but the next game is likely to undergo a big change.

Finally, let’s talk about the third aspect, with the assistance of Liu Yutong, the core insider of Beijing Normal University. Next, once she gets the national team's key training and professional guidance, she will definitely help the Chinese women's basketball team in the next Tokyo Olympic Games, and hope to hit the championship. So the original skills and strength of our Chinese women's basketball team are very good. In the next game, as a very good Chinese women’s basketball team in the Asian division, if you want to successfully defeat on the international arena: the very strong Spain and the US team, then there must be a very good and very good in the interior. The core pillar. Then Liu Yutong is a good choice.

Among them, Liu Yutong talked about whether she can help the women’s basketball team win the Olympic Games. Now it seems that I The individual is also very supportive and optimistic. Therefore, we can comprehensively know that with the rise of Liu Yutong, the MVP, the Chinese women’s basketball team has gone to the championship and ushered in greater hopes and opportunities. Together with the Zhang Ziyu mentioned in the previous issue, her The height talent is very outstanding, reaching 2.27 meters, and it is also very optimistic and concerned in future competitions. In this way, the Chinese women's basketball team has so many inside geniuses, and after the gradual rise of giants in other positions, we can also see a better future for Chinese basketball. Currently Yao Ming, he also vigorously supports and encourages the rise of more young players, and believes that the future of Chinese basketball will get better and better.

Once the next Chinese women’s basketball team gets the assistance of this 45-point inside giant, it will be very useful in the Tokyo Olympic Games. Hope to get a championship. To help us realize our dream of the Olympic Games, will everyone support Zhang Ziyu and support the Chinese women's basketball team to win the next game? You are also welcome to leave a comment in the comment area and comment on your views.

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