Top ten famous rugby players in the world, Tom Brady is the symbol of NFL

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Carter plays for the New Zealand rugby team, which is known as the strongest rugby team in the world. Unlike American rugby, New Zealand rugby players do not wear protective gear, and we can often see them cheering on the fans on the sidelines. , Use Maori war dance with the fans to boost morale.

8. Peyton Manning

Manning has a career spanning 18 seasons. As one of the best quarterbacks in history, he is a player that NFL can't get around. It seems that when you mention NFL you will think of Manning. This excellent quarterback, she has also won many team honors and personal honors for her team in her career.

7. Drew Bliss

As a quarterback, Brisbane is based on passing. His career pass success rate is as high as 66.6%. Under his leadership, the team has won the first place in team history. A Super Bowl champion.

6. Emmet Smith

Emmett sits on multiple records. He has rushed for more than 1,400 yards in 4 consecutive seasons. At this time, he is the only one in nfl history. At the same time, he also has 11 thousand-yard seasons. , Can be described as one of the best running backs in history, of course, his honor does not stop there, his status in the NFL Hall of Fame is also unshakable.

5. Lawrence Taylor

He is known as the best defensive player of all time. Such an honor is beyond the reach of ordinary people. In his career, he has Won the best defensive player award three times, and also led the team to win a championship. What is rare is that he is not only the best defensive player, but also has the honor of mvp.

4. John Aye Ervi

for the team With many honors, he not only played for the team as a player, but after retiring, he can also play for the team as the management of the team. When he was in the management position, he was even able to use his unique vision for the ball. The team signed Peyton Manning.

3. Bart Stahl

There are only a handful of players in history who have won three Super Bowl mvp. Stahl is one of them. As the veteran and soul of the team, he is the ball The well-deserved core of the team is also an undoubted Hall of Fame member.

2. Terry Bradshaw

He has led the team to three championships and is considered to be one of the best quarterbacks in history, but he is not satisfied with this. He has also transformed into an announcer. Now he is considered the best in your madness. The broadcaster of the game can be said to have dedicated his career to rugby.

1. Tom Brady

He is one of the symbols of NFL. It is not an exaggeration to say that Michael Jordan is the Brady of basketball. If you have heard of football, you should also know Brady as a winner in life. He is not only one of the greatest athletes in the history of rugby, but also has the world's top model wife. The success of the two is enviable.

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