Registration is open! 2020-2021 season NYBO spring competition rules officially released

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​​Registration is open! The 2020-2021 season NYBO spring competition rules are officially released

NYBO NYBO Youth Basketball Open 4 days ago

In spring , There is nothing more exciting than playing!

After the experience of the autumn competition and the closed-door improvement in winter vacation, it is time to test the effect and witness the growth on the field, because the 2020-2021 season China Life·NYBO Youth Basketball Open
The spring game is here!

As in the past, the registration channels for all competition areas across the country will be opened one after another.
The first competition areas are Hefei, Zhongshan, Meizhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhu, Zunyi, Guangzhou, Haikou, Bozhou, Jining, You can follow NYBO's media channels to get the latest news about the start of the game. First of all, read the competition rules of the Spring Split carefully,
especially where it is bold.

Happiness, growth, teamwork, respect... Basketball boy, look forward to meeting you in the spring~

2020-2021 season NYBO Youth Basketball Open (spring game) competition rules



Beijing Zhonghui Star Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd.


Supporting unit

Department of Youth Sports of the State Sports General Administration

China Basketball Association

China Middle School Sports Association



Organizers of each competition area signed with the organizer


Event time

Fall season: September-December 2020

Spring season: March-June 2021

National finals: end of July or early August 2021 (tentative)

International competition: early August 2021 (tentative)


Entry requirements

1. Competition category

Use the small basketball rule group: U6/U8/U10/U12

Use the FIBA ​​basketball rule group: U14/U16

Second, the number of team registration requirements

1. Coaches

Each team can be at most Report 2 coaches, namely, 1 head coach and 1 assistant coach. During the game, only one of the head coach or assistant coach is allowed to remain standing at any time during the game.

2. Players

U6 group (3 vs. 3): 6-10 people can sign up;

U8/U10 ​​group (4 to 4): 8-15 people can sign up;

U12 group (5 to 5): 10-15 people can sign up;


U14/U16 group (5 vs. 5): 10-15 people can sign up.

Note: (1) 1 player can only participate in 1 team in 1 division. If a player is found to participate in multiple teams, once verified, all the results of the player's participation in the team will be cancelled;

(2) The minimum number of applicants must meet the requirements of the group number (A/B lineup), namely: U6 group at least 6 people, U8/U10 ​​group at least 8 people, U12/U14/U16 group Don't report at least 10 people. In order to prevent players from failing to meet the grouping requirements due to injuries, five personal fouls and departures during the game, it is recommended that substitute players be reserved in the A/B lineup.

3. Age requirements

1. U6 group: those born after September 1, 2014, Including September 1;

2. U8 group: those born after September 1, 2012, including September 1;

3. U10 group: September 2010 Those born after 1st, including September 1;

4. U12 group: Those born after September 1, 2008, including September 1;

5. U14 Group: those born after September 1, 2006, including September 1;

6. U16 group: those born after September 1, 2004, including September 1.

Note: U6/U8/U10/U12 groups can be all male players, all female players, or mixed men's and women's teams; U14 and U16 groups are divided into men's and women's teams.

IV. Qualifications for the National Finals

Champions in each division of the spring, spring and autumn seasons The team participates in the finals. The team participating in the finals can adjust the players on the basis of the original team. The requirements for replacement or addition of players are: no more than 3 players in the U6 group, no more than 4 players in the U8/U10 ​​group, and U12/U14/U16 groups. No more than 5 people. At the same time, the total number of teams must not exceed the upper limit of the number of players in each group, that is, the upper limit of U6 group is 10, the upper limit of U8/U10 ​​group is 15, and the upper limit of U12/U14/U16 group is 15 people.

5. Participation documents

1. Mainland Chinese residents hold the following documents to participate in the competition (only one of them is required) ):

(1) The original second-generation resident ID card of the People’s Republic of China;

(2) Hukou book + student card with photo/student certificate/Hong Kong and Macau pass/social security Original documents such as cards (documents must have their own photos);

2. Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or foreign players can hold passports, Hong Kong and Macao residents travel permits to and from the Mainland, Taiwan residents travel Original documents such as the Mainland China Pass for the competition.

Note: (1)
Before each game, players must bring their original certificates for qualification inspection, and the team’s head coach will collect all the original certificates of the team’s players to the recording table to accept the recording table Personnel inspection. Those who do not provide valid certificates are not allowed to play in the game;

(2) To facilitate the qualification review, the organizing committee recommends that players of all age groups from mainland China apply for the second match before the start of the game. Participating on behalf of the resident ID card;

(3) The national finals require all mainland Chinese resident players to participate in the competition with the original second-generation resident ID card, and the remaining certificates are invalid.

Six. Team name

The team name must be healthy and fit the ball The image of the team is positive, and if it does not meet the requirements of the event, the team name must be modified in accordance with the requirements of the organizing committee.
If a club or school signs up to participate in multiple competitions, the team name must be distinguished by adding the group. For example: Beijing Warriors Club U6 team, Beijing Warriors Club U8 team, Beijing Warriors Club U10 team.

VII. Form of team registration

The team will register as a whole team,
in NYBO A team is formed in the registration system of the Youth Basketball Open, and the creator invites players or coaches to join the team. When registering, it is necessary to upload the participating players'
within the past 3 months clear headless ID photos (photos such as life photos and art photos are prohibited), second-generation ID cards and other relevant information. After the registration system is closed, it is not allowed to add or replace players.


Competition method and ranking decision

1. Competition system

Each competition area can be based on The number of teams registered in each group can choose single round, double round points competition or group round cross elimination competition.

Second, the determination of the relationship between victory and loss

Each team wins a game and accumulates 10 points, and loses a game. 7 points, 0 points for abstention. If there are two teams in the ranking that have the same score (win-loss record) in the game, then the ranking should be determined by the relationship between the two teams' game wins and losses. If there are more than two teams that have the same score (win-loss record) in the game between them, the following order criteria shall be further used to arrange the ranking:

1. According to the score difference of the game between them , The highest ranked first;

2. According to the (total) scores of the game between them, the highest ranked first;

3. According to their net wins in all competitions The highest score is ranked first;

4. According to their (total) scores in all competitions, the highest score is ranked first.

5. If the ranking cannot be determined after applying these criteria, a lottery will be used to determine the ranking.

3. Competition rules and special regulations

Use small basketball rule group: U6/ U8/U10/U12

Use FIBA ​​basketball rule group: U14/U16

1. Small basketball rule group (U6 /U8/U10/U12)

(1) Court size

U6/U8/U10 ​​group: half court of standard basketball court, 15 x 12 meters;

U12 group:

Site planning (choose one of the following two methods)

Method 1: When the standard basket with a height of 3.05 meters for adults in the field can be raised and lowered or moved:

Use a standard field of 28 meters x 15 meters,
The outer edge of the free-throw line in the small court is 0.6 meters away from the outer edge of the free-throw line in the adult court.

Method two:
The size of the field is 24.4 meters x 15 meters, the end lines on both sides of the standard basketball court are moved forward by 1.8 meters, and two more are drawn At the end line, a small basket with a height of 2.75 meters is placed between the two end lines. The free throw line is 4 meters from the end line, and the restricted area and free throw line do not need to be redrawn.

(2) Game time

U6: 6 minutes x 4 periods;

U8: 6 minutes x 4 periods;

U10: 8 minutes x 4 periods;

U12: 10 minutes x 4 periods;

Stop the watch during a pause, stop the watch during the last 2 minutes of the fourth period, and stop the watch during the rest of the time. Stop the watch. There is a 1 minute break between festivals and a 3 minute break at half time.

(3) Key rules

There are no additional free throws for fouls after shooting in the U6/U8/U10 ​​groups, no Restrictions on returning the ball to the backcourt, no three-pointers, no 24 seconds, no 8 seconds to enter the frontcourt, no overtime, and a total team foul limit.

There are no additional free throws for fouls after shooting in the U12 group, the ball is returned to the backcourt, there is no three-pointer, there is no 24 second offense limit, no 8 seconds to enter the frontcourt Restrictions, no overtime, and a total team foul limit.

Note: A free throw will be used to tie the score, U6/U8/U10/U12 group matches At the end, if the two sides split evenly, then the U6 group each retains 3 players on the field, the U8/U10 ​​group each retains 4 players on the field, and the U12 group each retains 5 players on the field for a free throw decision. The free throw frame is the offensive basket frame of the visiting team in the second half. The visiting team will give a penalty first. The visiting team will send 1 person and the home team will send 1 person., Alternate free throws, one penalty goal is scored until the game is decided. If the two sides still split evenly after the first round of free throws, then the second round and every subsequent round must take a 1-on-1 golden ball tie-up and free throw until the game is determined (1 versus 1 golden-ball tie-up free throws are not limited to free throws). Basketball players can be players on or off the court, and the same player is allowed to be used all the time).
The final score of the game is the sum of the points scored at the end of the fourth quarter and free throws.

(4) Rules of Friendship (only applicable to U6/U8/U10 ​​groups)

Before the end of the game If a team leads by 20 or 21 points, then the score remains unchanged and the team is declared a winner. The remaining game time can continue without counting the score or technical statistics.

(5) Detailed description of the rules of each group


Admission ranking And awards setting

1. Award the trophy certificate of each team's champion, runner-up and third place;

2. Award the winner certificate of each player of the remaining teams;

3. The following individual awards will be established for each group.

1. The MVP is one of the most valuable players;

2. The scoring champion, the rebounding champion, and the assisting champion , Steals King, Block King, and Three-Point King (there is no three-point king in the U6/U8/U10/U12 category).

Fourth, outstanding coaches, outstanding referees, outstanding technical statisticians and other awards.


Award selection method

1. MVP Most Valuable Player ( 1 player in each category)

Select from the players of the champion team of each category, and the player ranked first in personal efficiency in all competitions, if there is the same or different efficiency value If the score is less than 1.0 (not included), the total score of all competitions will be used as the main reference value, and the player with more total score will be elected.

2. Individual awards for technical statistics (1 for each individual award in each category)

1 . According to the evaluation of the players’ technical statistics in the group stage, there are a total of 6 items (scoring, three-pointers, blocks, rebounds, assists, steals).

2. At least 2/3 (inclusive) of the total number of games played by the team can participate in the selection. According to the actual number of games participated in, the various technical statistics are averaged, and the average number is the highest. If the average number is the same, the player with the most appearances will have the upper hand; if the average number is the same, it will be determined by the relationship between the winners and losers of the games.

3. Excellent coaches

1. The head coaches of the top three teams in each group;

2. Demonstrated good sports ethics and professional quality in the competition, and was not punished by the organizing committee for violating the style of the game.

Fourth, excellent referees

1. Ideological style Strong, with good professional quality and professional ethics;

2. Exquisite business, with strong independent on-the-spot judging ability, and able to better grasp the smoothness of the game and the unity of excitement on the spot;

3. Seriously study the business, work with a correct attitude, law enforcement is fair, accurate, stable, and have a good mental state;

4. Exemplary compliance with the management regulations of the tournament, and work as referees throughout the tournament In the game, there was no principled error or missed judgment, and no penalty was imposed by the organizing committee for violating the game rules.

5. Excellent technical statistician

1. Work attitude is correct and mental state is good;

2. Work seriously, seek truth from facts, fair and accurate, no data misrecording, omissions, etc., and no question or complaint by the sports team.


complaints and discipline

During the game, if a team has problems with player qualifications, serious violations of the style of the game, or fights and other serious circumstances, once verified, the team will be disqualified directly.

The organizing committee willThe establishment of the Disciplinary Arbitration Committee, the highest authority to punish violations of rules and disciplines, is responsible for supervising, inspecting and punishing the qualifications of participating teams and players, as well as violations of rules and disciplines.

During a game, if a team believes that the referee’s penalty, player qualifications, or an event in the game affects the outcome of the final game, it should appeal according to the following appeal procedure:

• The head coach of the team informs the head referee on duty within 15 minutes after the end of the game that his team is appealing the result of the game, and sign the appeal signature at the bottom left of the record form, and at the same time, appeal RMB 1,000 The fee is handed over to the chief referee;

• The team shall provide the chief referee with written appeal text and video evidence and other materials within 3 hours after the end of the game, specifying the situation in detail, and the chief referee will discipline the referee after receiving the materials. The Arbitration Committee states the circumstances that led to the appeal;

• The Disciplinary and Arbitration Committee of the Organizing Committee will reply to the arbitration result within 48 hours after receiving the report from the chief referee. The arbitration result is final and no further appeals will be accepted.

Note: (1) If the appeal is successful, the appeal fee of 1,000 yuan will be refunded to the appealing team, and all will be deducted if the appeal fails;

(2) The above time points must be met in order If the above two conditions exceed each time point, the appeal will no longer be accepted.


official handbook

NYBO group Please refer to the 2020-2021 NYBO Youth Basketball Open Official Handbook issued by the NYBO Organizing Committee to each competition area for the epidemic prevention plan and participation commitment letter formulated by the committee, and each competition area is requested to comply with the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the local government departments Strictly enforce.


matters not

Matters not covered in this regulation are supplemented and revised by the NYBO Youth Basketball Open Organizing Committee.


competition rules interpretation

this competition rules to explain the ownership NYBO Youth basketball Open organizing committee .

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