NBA active three-point shooting percentage and number of goals ranking! The Curry brothers dominate the list! _ Player

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Original title: NBA active three-point shooting percentage and number of goals ranking! The Curry brothers dominate the list!

In today's fast-paced NBA era, more and more players are beginning to practice three-pointers. No matter what position the player is, he has mastered the skill of one-handed shooting! Some players' three-point shooting percentage has also increased rapidly. In the past, a player with 36% three-point shooting rate is considered an excellent three-point shooter, and now NBA shooters have a three-point shooting rate of almost 40%! Even many players can hit about 45% of their three-pointers in a single season!

Recently, the US media has ranked the list of active NBA players’ three-point shooting percentages (list statistics as of January 20 Day, there is a deviation from now)! Let's take a look at which players are the most threatening three-pointers!

The first is Curry, but not Stephen Curry, but Seth Curry! My brother's three-point shooting rate surpassed my brother, and many people might not have thought of it! Seth Curry played a total of 264 NBA games, shooting 47.1% from three points. This hit rate is quite terrible! This season is also the best season of Curry's career, averaging 16.5 points, and the single-season three-point shooting rate is also ranked first in the league, as high as 56%. Curry made a total of 471 three-pointers in his career!

The second place is Duncan Robinson of the Heat! As the Heat's three-point shooter last season, helped the team enter the stage of the NBA Finals! It can be seen that his three-point level is high! He played 100 games in his career, shooting 43.8% from three points. He made 326 three-pointers in his career!

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The third place is Stephen Curry as we know it! He just surpassed Reggie Miller to become the player with the second most three-pointers in history! He played 712 games in his career and hit 43.3% from three-pointers. Curry hopes to become the player with the most three-point goals in the NBA!

The fourth place is Joe Harris of the Nets! His career three-pointers hit 43.1%, and he made 669 three-pointers!

The fifth place is Klay Thompson, who has been reimbursed for two consecutive seasons. His career three-pointers hit 41.9%, and he scored 1798 three-pointers in his career! I also hope that Tang Shen will recover soon and return to the game!

The sixth place is the veteran three-point shooter, JJ-Redick, who has a career three-point shooting rate of 41.5% and a total of Scored 1906 three-pointers! 909 games played! Can be regarded as a veteran of the NBA, from the beginning of his career to the present has been a steady three-point shooter!

The seventh to tenth places are Pacers’ Doug McDermott and the Clippers’ Kennard, Bertans of the Wizards and Hilde of the Kings!

The first thirteen point shooting percentages of this list are all over 40%, which shows that players are now more and more threatened outside the three-point line! Become an important conventional weapon! What other players do the fans think are sharpshooters but are not on this list?

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