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Original title: Analysis of American "Ball" Culture

Students should understand that American education focuses on sports, and even in the United States, physical dominance is more important than academic dominance Eye-catching. Here, the teachers of Lisichen Study Abroad 360 will introduce several popular American sports to overseas students who are going to the United States.

1. American football

Rugby is the first of the four major ball games in the United States and one of the most popular ball games. The standard field is 160 yards long and 75 yards wide. The goal of rugby is H-shaped. When a shot is taken, the ball must pass between the two goal posts and over an opponents’ cross bar, for the goal to be considered valid. In the United States, almost all high schools in the United States have their own football fields, and they generally exist in the community. In American middle schools, rugby is widely watched, and students pay close attention to rugby matches.

2. Baseball

Baseball is known as the "American national ball" and is a sport of great concern in the United States. "The New Yorker" magazine illustrator Steinberg said: "Baseball is a performance that embodies the American spirit. He is about courage, fear, luck, and tenacity. He is serious and self-esteem but complex and sophisticated. If a person lacks baseball knowledge, then It is impossible for him to understand the United States." At present, there are about 10 million Americans playing baseball, and there are more than 3,000 professional baseball players. And American baseball stadiums are everywhere. One of the best ones is the New Yankee Stadium in New York City (costing 1.6 billion). American high school students also love baseball very much. There are 85,000 youth baseball teams in the United States. But in contrast to China, there are almost no baseball stadiums in mainland China, and a few stadiums are only in Guangzhou. It can be seen that the difference in ball hobbies between China and the United States is still large.

3. Basketball

Basketball, as one of the "Four Big American Balls", should be a very popular ball game in the eyes of Chinese people ,actually not. Basketball's attention is not as high as baseball and rugby, but it can still be said to be a major symbol of American imperialism. And American basketball stars are everywhere, such as Curry and Kobe. In American middle schools, basketball is essential. Most schools have two or more basketball courts indoors and outdoors. Therefore, it is also very popular to learn basketball skills in American middle schools.

American education encourages students to exercise more. The teachers of Lisichen Study Abroad 360 only list the three most popular ones here. Ball games, of course, American hockey, ice hockey, etc. are also well-known and famous. It is recommended that students who are about to travel to the United States can learn the above ball games or learn about related knowledge, so that in the future, they can not only play happily with friends, but also better integrate into the "ball culture" of the United States.

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