Why does Guangdong sports so much? Football and basketball dominate the league, many clubs are strong _ players

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Original title: Why does Guangdong sports so much? Football and basketball dominate the league. Many clubs have strong strengths.

The new season of the CBA League came to an end. The Guangdong team won the eleventh championship, and Du Feng also gained the triumph of coaching the Guangdong team for three consecutive championships. . Throughout the Guangdong sports world, it can be said that the achievements are outstanding. The championship clubs with the most football and basketball history are all in Guangdong. Moreover, Guangdong Province also has many clubs. Guangzhou City (Guangzhou R&F), Shenzhen Football and Basketball all have a lot of fame. In addition, Fan Zhendong, the leader of the national table tennis men's team, was also born in Guangdong. Once upon a time, the Three Eastern Provinces were once a major sports province in the country, and they have cultivated outstanding talents from all walks of life. So far, outstanding players in many fields are born in the Three Eastern Provinces. Although the third-eastern provinces are still developed in football and basketball, they have been far away from the championship for a long time. So why can Guangdong Province football and basketball become dominant teams in their respective fields.

First of all, the success of the team is inseparable from the investment of funds. As the most economically developed province in Guangdong, the number of enterprises And the financial strength is naturally very strong. Also, the economic conditions of the fan group are also at the forefront of the country, with very good fan consumption. But this is just the basis, not the most important. After all, Beijing, Suzhou, Chongqing, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu are also very economically powerful, but there are only a handful of champions. For example, in the economically developed Shanghai, basketball and football clubs invest a lot every year. Shanghai Basketball is even called the Knicks of China by the outside world, and Shanghai SIPG has won only one Chinese Super League championship. For another example, Beijing Guoan has only won the top league championship once. Although Beijing Shougang has created three championships in four years, the management and signings of the club have been questioned. Criticized.

Secondly, the team is relatively strong in investment in youth training and talent mining. Guangdong Hongyuan Youth Training is very famous Many players come from the youth team, including Xu Jie, Hu Mingxuan, Ren Junfei and other main players, and the effectiveness of the Guangzhou Evergrande youth training system has gradually been highlighted. It is presumed that in the future Evergrande youth training will train more domestic top players. Pay attention to youth training, but also pay attention to the excavation of outstanding talents. Looking at Guangzhou Evergrande and Hongyuan, most of the signings can make their due contribution to the team, and the number of "parallel imports" is basically very small. Many foreign and domestic players have basically performed well after being recruited by the Guangdong team. Of course, this is inseparable from the rational use of the team.

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The most important point is the very successful management of the team. Guangzhou Evergrande and Hongyuan have strict management , The players have been publicly punished many times, but the two clubs are very humane and "warm." The players and the management are very harmonious, and there are few conflicts and confrontations. Recently, Gao Lin's return to Tianhe Stadium has been welcomed. The Guangdong team awarded the championship ring to Shengwei, etc. It can be seen that the fans, clubs and players get along very warmly. And very harmonious clubs tend to be more able to gather strength and achieve good results.

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