The champion coach soul tormented the ``player'' asked: The player will take a two-week break after the diagnosis, how can he coach this?

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Posted on 2020-6-28 07:33|Show all floors|Reading mode Lingxi Sports reported on June 28: Champion coach soul torture: Players will take a two-week break after diagnosis, how can they coach?
The NBA semi-final is being arranged, but at the same time, all parties are also full of worries. , Including participants in the rematch itself, such as Raptors coach Nass.


In an interview a few days ago, Nas talked about his rematch against Orlando During the Toronto Raptors NBA Nas, the prospects for epidemic prevention are not optimistic.
"I think I am more worried, or that my mind has been thinking about this matter, that is, if there is a case (new crown pneumonia virus) that tests positive, what should I do? That player will have to take two breaks Week?" Nas raised his own question.
"You were trying to get the players to find their status. Now, everything is empty, and you will try again later. It's really difficult."

Previously, there have been many reports that the Raptors are actively doing various personal training preparations during the suspension.
"This week, the first thing I said to my team, especially my work group, is that we must transfer all 17 players to a ready state," despite the difficulties , Nas still expressed his determination, "Usually in the playoffs, you are 8 people, sometimes or 7 and a half rotations, the players are responsible for a lot of playing time, but now, I say, we We have to find some roles for other players. Because we don’t know which player will be used by then." Champion, coach, soul, confirmed, two weeks


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