Onion Ring Weekly: Double Eleven for sports fans

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This week is a week of sorrow and joy. The good news is that we finally ushered in Double Eleven. Almost all the products on the Internet were on sale that day. What you need, what you don’t need, what he likes, what you hate... They are all on sale anyway; sadly , After you pay for the goods you buy, you find that there are still 19 days in this month! 19 days! How can I survive these 19 days? 5555……

Okay, the main content of this issue of "Onion Ring Weekly Report" is:

Open a regional gun: Which U.S. state produces the most NBA players?

Having been together for two years, has Uncle Gua brought any changes to Bayern?

Where is the upper limit of the Great Sage? Higher than Robben, lower than Ronaldo?

Dry goods tutorial: My friend is too focused on winning and losing in FIFA, what should I do if I lose the handle?

The magician of table tennis——Ding Song

On Double Eleven, what did sports fans buy?

1. Open a regional gun: Which state in the United States produces the most NBA players?

Confucius traveled to the United States and saw two children arguing, so he asked them why they were arguing.

A child said: "I think Greater New York State is the capital of basketball. Do you know Michael Jordan? He was born in Brooklyn, New York. Of course there are Marbury and Anthony. , Artest, who always likes to change his name... and have you heard of Locke Park, he is a streetball mecca in the world, haha, what do you compare with my New York State?"

Another kid said, "You scum, you can call it the "basketball capital" even in a city like New York. Wait, let me laugh for five minutes. Alright...Sell the dry goods directly, let's come to Bibi honors, don't always come to these imaginary things. My Lakers have won a total of 16 championships, not many, just 8 times yours. And do you know UCLA? Do you know John Wooden? Have not heard? ! ? ! Are you embarrassed to talk about basketball with me? "

After listening to Confucius, he couldn't tell who was right and who was wrong. He asked the two children in his lame English:

"no picture you say a jb!"

The two kids have no pictures, but circle friends @Barbarossa have pictures. Which state is the "basketball capital"?

I found some information and data on the Internet, which can more clearly see the production and distribution of NBA players.
This picture shows the ratio of NBA player origin. The four important regions are: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and DC, these regions are also recognized as the United States The 4 regions with the strongest basketball atmosphere.

After population averaging, the highest ratio is not the previous cities, but the Alabama-Mississippi generation. Why? This will come down to the racial talent. The following is a distribution map of the proportion of blacks (or African Americans) in the United States. The southern United States, which was once the cotton plantation area, has a dense proportion of blacks, occupying the majority of ethnic minorities. Partial composition.
A few surrounding statistics:

California produced the most NBA players in the league: 352; New York followed closely with 310; Vermont did not produce any NBA players. There are also several United States Islands without NBA players. Alaska has the only local born player: Mario Chalmers.
Content source: This map shows which states produce the most NBA players-

So the conclusion is very clear. At this stage, California is the basketball capital of the United States.

2. Having been together for almost two years, has Uncle Gua bring any changes to Bayern?

There is a very classic line in the movie "Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao". It is Yu Chun Jiao's monologue in the room after the breakup with Zhang Zhiming:

"I tried very hard to get rid of Zhang Zhiming, and finally I found out that I became another Zhang Zhiming."

Guardiola or Bayern, who is Zhang Zhiming and who is Yu Chunjiao? Woolen cloth?

Quanyou Emotion [email protected] ear answered this question for us.

I want to answer this question in two ways.

The first is the tactical system. Generally more flexible than before. Rather than coach Hai’s counterpoint substitutions, which are more conservative and easy to see through by opponents.

1. The ball control is enhanced, and the ball is emphasized with one foot. Specifically, there are small-scale cooperation and cross-cooperation to strengthen, and the success rate of the pass is emphasized.

2. The frontcourt press is enhanced. This is the basis for possession of the ball. In addition, after losing possession of the ball, a more fierce counter-attack must be carried out.

3. Strengthen the midfield. The addition of Gotze and the adjustment of Ribery's position are all manifestations of enhanced midfield control. In addition, when the situation is too late to start, it mostly depends on the breakthrough ability of the midfielder.

In short, Guardiola prefers players who have good physical fitness, are good at running positions, and pass the ball well~ (Bayern are all good)

Second, it is against the team Management. This "Bild" has summarized it, including ten points.

1. It is strictly forbidden to play unnecessary flower work-Guardiola requires players not to make meaningless extraordinary moves and skills in the game, what he wants is concise and clear passing. competition. If someone plays with their personal ability, Gua Shuai might get angry.

2. Players can spend the night at home before the game-you must know that when Heynckes is coaching, he requires players to spend the night in the hotel before the game.

3. Just watch the video before training. Guardiola makes the video in advance for every training session, and then he analyzes the players' situation. Then, he showed the players carefully made video tapes before training.

4. Arrive at the training ground one hour earlier-Guardiola requires players to arrive at the training ground 1 hour before training. His predecessor Heynckes has a more relaxed requirement, which is half an hour.

5. The whole team eat breakfast before training-Guardiola asks the players to eat breakfast together before training.

6. Nutritional distribution is more important than anything else-Guardiola attaches great importance to the nutrition of the players, which is why he hired Nemar, a beauty nutritionist from the German Football Association. He also discussed this issue with the Bayern chef.

7. To speak, please look into my eyes-Guardiola is a very sensitive person. He is very demanding on details and requires eye contact during dialogue. "We have to look into each other's eyes directly. This can express what we want to say. I ask for direct dialogue."

8. The locker room is the place for the players-Guardiola does not enter the locker room. Only when the game is about to start do I go in and explain something. He has always believed that it is okay to give players enough space to say bad things about themselves. He has an office next to the dressing room at the Allianz Arena. Similar to him is Dortmund coach Klopp, he also has his own office, but he prefers to run to the locker room.

9. Must be hands-on in training-coach Heynckes likes to watch the players training on the sidelines, Guardiola prefers hands-on, he likes to show his skills and footwork. And Guardiola couldn't sit still in the game, he rarely stayed on the bench for 10 minutes.

10. The new team must have a brand new tactic-Guardiola is trying Bayern’s 4141 tactical system, but when attacking, the team becomes 343. Two full-backs are attacking. Time to press closer to the penalty area. However, Guardiola also said, "The formation is not the most important thing. The key depends on the players' running position." (such as the 3331 formation against Dortmund's German Cup in early November)

After Mr. Ear's answer, I was even more convinced that Uncle Gua is the "scumbag" Zhang Zhiming! He not only changed Bayern, but also abandoned my Uncle Bird by Daming Lake. 55555

3. Where is the upper limit of the Great Sage? Higher than Robben, lower than Ronaldo?

——The upper limit of the Great Sage? Isn't it Tathagata?

——Wake up, the "Great Sage" I said is an athlete!

——Oh, I see, the upper limit is the NBA championship. I like watching basketball. I like the Lakers the most. I watched that season, but Da Sheng didn't have much playing time. This little master won the championship right after returning to CBA. I think it’s blabla with his talent...

——-_ -|||, I will show you the photos Right, it's a football player.

——Oh, you said earlier, it turned out to be McEvoy, who just returned to Tottenham. The guy is very handsome, but he didn't make much appearance. I don't know the upper limit.

——~~o(> _ Imagine that you invite a female classmate to play at your home. The classmate has just arrived at your home, and you don’t chat with her, but you say, “Or we’ll play a game of FIFA Come on!", the female classmate bit her scalp (because she has never played FIFA) with you to play a few FIFA games. Because she is a novice, the natural rounds are all miserable. Seeing that it is almost time to eat, you are still addicted to electronic poisons You can’t extricate yourself from it (your female classmate is also hungry). Finally, your female classmate threw the handle in anger and said, "You always win, I won't play anymore.

Is this a winning mind?

It is clearly a relationship problem between a man and a woman. If you don’t bring your female classmates to dinner, go to the onion ring to ask questions... Teenager, you should be single!

If you are really a female classmate, my suggestion is Put down the game, it is not important that the handle is broken, what is important is the feelings of the female classmates.

Sincerely apologize to your female classmates and ask them to eat. People, To understand empathy, think about it if you visit your female classmate’s house for the first time, and your female classmate invites you to play makeup with her, can you bear it?

Being young is not wrong, It’s not wrong to live in a house. People grow up step by step. Learn to empathize and be more considerate of others. Maybe now you’re not single anymore.

If your friend is a male, this is a problem for us. To say another thing.

Friends play FIFA too hard to win and lose, and lose the handle. This is not a good habit, eager to win, I think there is nothing wrong, Jordan, Kobe are like this People who do, they have to be the first no matter what they do, but they are more courageous, your friend is better, throwing the handle, this is not a very man's way!
My suggestion is also very simple, self-accepting and Your friend said that although the method is very old-fashioned, this method may be effective at present.

"Well...I think the game is essentially entertaining, and of course the outcome is also very important. But it’s not right to throw a handle. After all, it costs money to buy a handle. If you lose, I can practice with you. Whoever wins at the beginning, blabla..."

Background music It is more effective to say this passage for "My Good Friend" and "Friends".

If you dare not say it (refer to Nobita and Fat Tiger).

The only thing you can do is to reduce costs...

Before, we bought a handle for a few hundred yuan, but now we can buy a handle for a few dozen yuan.

I helped you search Taobao with the keyword "fifa gamepad". The cheapest one is only 14.9 yuan, which is a bit rough, but it saves money anyway!

Of course If you are a PC version, it will save even more. Use the keyboard to play by yourself. Your friend is unlikely to lose and smash your computer.

The above is my personal suggestion. Take the test.

At the same time, I sincerely wish that the anonymous subject will leave single as soon as possible (my instinct tells me that your friend is a female).

5. Table tennis magician——Ding Song

Table tennis has always been our country’s national ball, so strong that it has almost no opponents. , Even the American netizens on Quora wrote about how strong table tennis in my country is.

Carl Grant (5.2K votes)

I once represented the United States in the World Table Tennis Championships in Osaka. On the eve of the game, I went to the gym to familiarize myself with the venue, and happened to meet a player in the uniform of the Chinese team. On the item of table tennis, China's dominance is hard to shake. I don't know where the courage came from, I stepped forward and asked him if he wanted to learn from each other. He readily agreed-two wins in three games will determine the outcome. In the end, I tried my best and finally didn’tLose the game.
Back at the hotel, I started to brag with my teammates-I defeated a Chinese player! But the teammates are very suspicious. In order to dispel their doubts, I called a small partner and went to the base camp of the Chinese team to prove my innocence. But I didn't see the person yesterday, so I started talking with a Chinese player. In the meantime, I inadvertently mentioned what happened last night.
"Huh? Who is that person?" he asked curiously.
"Uh... eh! That's the person over there!"
"Ah, that's our team chef, Master Chen."...

Although he is strong, the reality is that there is no table tennis. How many people are paying attention-even in China-the same is true. But our onion ring has a teacher @Jinrong. He is a fan of table tennis and badminton. In this issue, he brings me the story of the "magic" Ding Song.

In the 20 years from 1994 to 2014, only two men's singles choppers were able to step on the podium of the World Series, one is South Korean star Ju Se Hyuk, and the other is Ding Song.
Chipping has never been the mainstream style of table tennis. Especially among men's singles players, due to their strong strength and fast speed, in the duel of high-level players, the chipper tends to be in a passive defensive state. The cutting speed is not fast. After the reform of "small ball becomes bigger", the cutting speed has become slower, making the cutting method even more disadvantaged, so that in the past ten years after the reform of ping pong, the cutting speed has become more slow. The style of play is gradually declining, leaving only Zhu Se Hyuk, a men's singles chipper, to stand among the world's top players.
But the chopping method still has its unique charm. Beautiful arcs, erratic rotation, weird angles, and tricky landing points. If fast break represents violent aesthetics, cutting is the art of curve and rotation. There is a saying that theoretically the strongest table tennis game is a perfect combination of looping and chipping, which can be offensive or defensive. Ding Song can be said to be the closest person to this theoretical play.
Stop talking, watch the video.
A collection of Ding Song's wonderful table tennis balls
6. On Double Eleven, what did sports fans buy?

Cough cough... This is a rich topic. First of all, let's take a look at what's in the shopping list of circle friends.

1. Sakuragi customized version of AJ basketball shoes
Why don’t Rukawa Maple and Sakuragi Flower Road play in the NBA?
Will Ray Allen's three-pointers be more accurate than Mitsui's?
Mori Shigehiro will blow Howard into scum.
First of all, please forgive my whimsy, but it is undeniable that many children in China watch "Slam Dunk" and love basketball (this paragraph reminds me of the urgency of school every day Rush home to watch the "Slam Dunk" screen).
I believe those who have read the comics must remember that Sakuragi Flower Road won a pair of AIR Jordan sneakers for 30 yen.
Yes, it is the skateboard shoes that are not available in all the streets in the whole city, oh...no, they are basketball shoes.
Last month, "Slam Dunk" author Takehiko Inoue confirmed on Twitter that the Nike AIR Jordan brand has confirmed that it has signed a contract with "Slam Dunk" and will launch basketball shoes related to the theme of Slam Dunk. Attached is a picture of sneakers embroidered with the No. 10 logo of Sakuragi Flower Road.

2.94Fifty ball
—— "I shot so badly, but I still didn’t get better after a long time of practice. What should I do?"
—— "I bought it 94Fifty ball."
—— "I always pass the ball not in place, and I get broken ten times per game."
—— "Buy 94Fifty ball."
—— "I dribble Bad, what should I do?"
——"Buy the 94Fifty ball."
This is a magical basketball, a basketball full of technology.
Although there is no difference in appearance from ordinary basketball, 94Fifty ball is full of sensing devices. You only need to download The 94Fifty mobile app (currently only ios version, Android is under development), the app will record your shots Angle, dribbling rate, shooting speed...
In short, let your basketball skills improve in detail.
Price: 300 USD

3. NBA championship ring
There are two people in China who own the NBA championship ring, namely Sun Yue (Lakers) and Battelle (Spurs).
The NBA championship ring is the highest award for a champion team player. There are no more than 1,000 NBA championship rings in the world.
Hmm... As long as you have money, you can have it too.
How to buy?
Please keep an eye on players who have retired and have NBA championship rings. You will definitely have the opportunity to buy them.
Price: There are high and low. Ci Shiping auctioned the championship ring for 120,000 US dollars, while Walker only sold about 6,000 US dollars.

4. NBA team
If you are a local tyrant, you just want to spend money on Double Eleven. If you are forced to spend money, it is better to buy one. NBA team.
The three recent successful sales of NBA teams are:
Ballmer acquired the NBA team Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion;
Robert Pella acquired the Memphis Grizzlies for $350 million;
> Ranaldive spent $348 million to acquire a 65% stake in the Sacramento Kings.
The current team that may be up for sale is the Eagles (suspicion of racial discrimination), act now!
Price: Not many people in China can afford it anyway.

Humph... Our friends are very big, but we didn’t buy any of the above items-_ -||| Why... Our

onion ring friends are

The most sane sports fan, impulsive consumption has never happened.

Let’s take a look at what rational circle friends @Chelsea bought on Double Eleven?

I bought a pair of sneakers, two sets of puzzles (Stanford Bridge + Nou Camp), a pair of Nike Pegasus 30, a bunch of A&F clothes, and a Bayern hat of the same style as the ghost, and A pair of vans skateboarding shoes, two UAT shirts, and an Adi school bag (with the logo of the car) cost about 1,500.

Grab news: This circle friend has already chopped his hands.

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