Basketball World Cup new trophy released, pure gold to create champions will be engraved

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Original title: The new trophy of the Basketball World Cup is released and the pure gold champion will be engraved

(Exclusively produced by Sohu Sports and not reprinted without permission) May 9th, Beijing time, the 2019 Men's Basketball World Cup qualifier draw was held on the evening of last Sunday. At the same time, a brand new basketball World Cup trophy Also officially released, the trophy is made of pure gold, representing the highest honor in the basketball world.

The basketball World Cup trophy is called the Naismith Cup, to commemorate the inventor of basketball, Dr. Naismith. Since 2014, the Basketball World Championship was renamed the Basketball World Cup. In the first World Cup held in Spain, the American men's basketball team won the championship. At that time, the old Naismith Cup was awarded.

(Old trophy)

The second Basketball World Cup 2019 will use a brand new trophy. The trophy is made of pure gold and is 60 cm high. In the future, the name of the winning team will be engraved on the base of the trophy. In addition, the word FIBA ​​is engraved on the base, symbolizing its authority.

The 2019 Men's Basketball World Cup will be held in China. In the qualifiers, the Chinese men's basketball team will be in the same group as New Zealand, South Korea, and Hong Kong. The first match of the Chinese men's basketball qualifier will be held on November 23 this year, against Hong Kong, China. Since China is the host, the men's basketball team has advanced to the finals.

(Exclusively produced by Sohu Sports and not reprinted without permission)

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