In the national fitness season, the soul of Huaxi LIVE·Fishdong Sports is awakening!

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National Fitness Season

Hua Xilai helps

Sports is the source of all life

The passion and joy it brings to people

Football, basketball, table tennis, badminton

Running, climbing, jumping, climbing

Sports make life better!

How long have you been out of exercise?

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To celebrate the 12th National Fitness Day"

August 8, 2020 "National Fitness Season" series of activities

launched in all districts and counties of Chongqing

Huaxi LIVE·Fish Cave Follow The pace of the "National Fitness Season"

In September, there will be a series of exciting events for everyone.

Specially prepared for you who love sports!

Football matches

Hosted by Banan District Football Association

"Budweiser Football League"

From September 15th to September 30th, 2020

Every week from 19:00-21:00

A hit at Huaxi HI-ZONE Stadium

Organized by the Chongqing Football Association

"Chongqing Amateur Football Super League"

will be held on September 19, 2020

at the HI-ZONE Stadium Rekindling the flames of war

(Hi-ZONE stadium real scene)

Volley shot, The goal is scored!

Friction, competition, fever

This is our unique game method

Football, takes us into that passionate world

Table tennis tournament

Co-hosted by the China Table Tennis Association

Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau

"2020 National Table Tennis Amateur Series "Chongqing Station"

will officially start on September 18, 2020

at HI-PARK Sports Park

(The picture comes from the Internet)

Table tennis as China’s national ball

is the pride of the Chinese

With its extremely high popularity

It truly responded to the call of national fitness

Basketball tournament

From China Hosted by Telecom Chongqing Company

"Telecom Basketball Cup"

will be held from September 21 to September 26, 2020

in HI-PARK Sports Park Wonderful presentation

(Real scene of HI-PARK Sports Park)

The stadium is full of passion and Passion

Tacit cooperation, strong and powerful action

Basketball, let you experience the hearty sports life

Huaxi LIVE·Fish Hole strives to "all the people The concept of "fitness season" is effectively implemented in the lives of fish cave residents

to drive residents’ enthusiasm for exercise

improve residents’ physical fitness

As the only venue in the southwest region that has conditions to host the NBA China Game

and the North American Professional Hockey League China Game

Huaxi LIVE·Fish Hole

Refer to NBA basketball court design standards

With 16,000 spectator seats

It is the largest indoor stadium in Southwest China

(Huaxi LIVE·Fish Cave Effect Picture)

This will be youThe place where sports dreams started

HI-PARK Basketball Park presents you wonderful basketball matches

HI-ZONE outdoor stadium competitions, arts, fitness and leisure

take you Joyful life fun

Enjoy a good time and embrace a healthy life

The annual upsurge of national fitness activities

Set off again in Chongqing~

If you love sports, don't miss it!


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