At the 2021 Welsh Open, O'Sullivan was defeated, and Jordan Brown won the championship this year.

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The 2021 Welsh Open has just come to an end, Jordan Brown 9:8 O'Sullivan won the Open Championship.

Since Jordan Brown defeated Selby, this dark horse has not stopped. In the semi-final game against Maguire, Jordan Brown had horrible statistics. The long table could reach 100%. In the first half, he could score more than 50 points in a single shot. This data has not been in this game. People can type it out.

In the interview, someone asked Jordan Brown to win the game. Was it accidental that you were able to win the game? Jordan Brown said that this is not accidental. I train every day, and targeted training will have today's results, so I don't think this is accidental. Facts have proved that people who work hard are rewarded.

In the final, the game against O'Sullivan had a huge advantage of 6:3. If in the last two games, Jordan Brown answered reporters' questions, others would still question them, then the result of the first half was the best counterattack against them. And the final result was definitely beyond their expectations.

O'Sullivan also performed very well in this final. With a huge disadvantage in the first half, he was directly given to Jordan at the beginning of the second half. Brown was under great pressure and immediately evened the score as soon as he came up. Although the final result was a loss, at least from the perspective of this Open, O'Sullivan's state is really back a lot. Looking forward to the next game.

Jordan Brown’s performance in this year's session is really amazing. What do you want to say about Jordan Brown's victory in this year's Welsh Open?


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