WTT Star Challenge Doha station list Lin Yunru Ochalov played

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Hong Kong, China player Huang Zhenting kicks off his WTT tournament debut. He will join other star players in Lusail from September 20th to 25th. WTT Star Challenge Doha held in the stadium.

The highlight of Huang Zhenting's career was winning the men's singles bronze medal at the 2015 Men's World Cup. He also partnered with Du Kaixuan to reach the mixed doubles quarter-finals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Du Kaiyan also confirmed to play in the WTT Star Challenge Doha Station, when they will join hands in the mixed doubles competition.

Qatar native players Ahmed Khalil Al Mohanadi and Mohamed Abdulwahab, Iran’s Noshad Alamyan and Portugal’s Joao Monteiro will play with a wild card. As the second WTT nomination was not used, Marcelo Aguirre of Paraguay entered the race directly.

Tatiana Kukulkova of Slovakia won the women’s singles wild card spot, He Tiantian of England, Sutirta Mukherjee of India, Stephanie Leulet of France , Russia's Maria Terakova and South Korea's Li Xien will also enter the race with Kukulkova.

Chinese Taipei’s Lin Yunru and Zheng Yijing will participate in men’s and women’s singles matches, as well as Ochalov, Pichfort, Calderano, Yang Xiaoxin, Tian Zhixi and Irland. Will play.

The WTT Star Challenge Doha is the third WTT event hosted by the Qatar Table Tennis Association in 2021. It will provide 600 world ranking points and 200,000 US dollars in prize money.

WTT World Table Tennis Corporation (WTT) is a commercial entity of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). The WTT Star Challenge is the third-level event in the new WTT tournament structure.

List of singles and doubles players participating in the WTT Star Challenge Doha Station:

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